Where to pick up girls in San Antonio, TX

Contrary to popular belief, the residents of Texas are a friendly bunch, particularly the women. However, you will not find them any friendlier than they come in San Antonio, Texas. Let’s take a little look at some of the top places that you can pick up women shall we?

The Friendly Spot I am going to kick off proceedings with this rather nifty bar. This is one of many open-air bars within Texas. This bar is a popular spot for the locals of San Antonio, TX. It is not hard to see why either. It is actually a brilliant place and certainly very unique. The beer is incredibly cheap too! I am sure that you will spot more than one lady here!

Cowboys Dancehall: You got to admit here, if there is one thing that people associated with Texas, it is cowboys. You can experience full cowboy tradition in this fantastic set of bars. Plenty of women congregate here every single night looking for a man to whisk them away on a steed. If you are looking for a place that oozes real Texan charm then this is where you need to be.

Bar 1919 If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated lady then you need to head on over to Bar 1919 in the afternoons. At the weekends this joint tends to be packed with twenty year olds, which is fantastic if you are into that sort of age group! It is a tad expensive though, so when you have worked your magic you may want to head somewhere else.

Ocho This must be one of the most sophisticated parts in all of San Antonio, TX. There is just something about it that is ever so artistic. There is quality live music every weekend, and that of course means that it is going to be rather simple to get a conversation going with the fairer sex.

Club Rio Love Latin rock? I am not surprise. It is really taking San Antonio by storm at the moment. In my opinion there is no better way to experience it than at Club Rio. Alcohol is flowing quite a lot here, and that of course means that it is going to be very simple for you to pluck up the courage to talk to some of the beautiful Latino girls that like to frequent this joint. This place comes much recommended from me.

Sam’s Burger Joint This is a wonderful place. In my opinion they boast some of the best burgers in Texas. This is coupled with a rather fantastic live music scene. Put them together and you have a place that is a haven for some lovely ladies. This is a must visit particularly at the weekend. You need to bear in mind that it is going to fill up pretty quickly though!

502 Bar Love your Indie music? Love major touring acts? Love fantastic music? Well, so do some of the best women in San Antonio, TX. This is why many of them like to head on over to 502 Bar, one of the hippest joints in the city. I am sure you will find plenty of people to talk to here!

Graham Central Station There are eight nightclubs in this building. You only need to pay one entrance fee. Think how many women are going to be there! (Hint: there will be a lot of them!). This is by far one of the best places in all of the city to pick up some women.

Boneshakers In the heart of San Antonio, TX lies a rather quaint building. It is perfectly bland on the outside, but locals know that inside magic happens. This is one of the best music joints out there and with events happening almost every night it certainly attracts some of the best women in the city.

Sunset Station This is the best live music venue in the city. As you know by now, live music attracts women. This means that there will be plenty of them for you to enjoy in this wonderful building!

How to pick up girls at University

pick up girls universityIn my opinion, there is nowhere better to pick up girls than at University. Chances are, this is the first time that both of you would have been living away from home on your own. The lady will be looking for somebody special to spend her time with and look after her, and of course, they want to have a little bit of fun at university too! Thankfully, picking up girls at university is simple, providing you know how of course!

One of the first things that you are going to need to bear in mind is the fact that ‘pick-up lines’ do not work on girls at university. They are a very sophisticated bunch. They thrive on intelligent conversation. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the conversation needs to be very intellectual, but you do need to have something to say if you want to stimulate her mind!

One of the best ways to pick up girls at university is to just get talking to them. There are tons of them out there, and they will be surrounding you. Talk to the girls in your class. You can talk about the subject that you are learning about. Just try and get them talking to you. This is the main thing! After that everything is easy!

If you really want to find some great women that connect with your ‘needs’ then I suggest you head to a club or a society of some sort that matches your interests. When you talk to women here half of the battle is done already. After all, you both share a common interest, and that is something that is incredibly important in a relationship! If you strike up a rapport with a delightful lady then why not invite her out for a coffee some time or another? I am sure that she will love this!

Of course, you could always go down the tried and tested route of picking them up at a party. I am sure that you will not be short of parties to attend whilst you are studying at university! Chances are you are also going to be in an area where alcohol is incredibly cheap throughout the week. Head to a pub or club and I am sure you will not be short of beautiful women to talk to here! Just remember, when you hook up with girls like this, chances are it may not last for longer than one evening unless you are INCREDIBLY interesting, so again, try to remember my point about having a stimulating chat with them. Make them want to remember you!

This is of course just a very quick guide on how to pick up girls at university. There is so much more than I have been unable to tell you. Just remember, go with the flow and strike up intelligent conversations. I am sure you will be able to score the perfect woman sooner or later!

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Where to Pick up Girls in Birmingham(UK)


Looking to meet your very own Cleopatra? For upscale girls and women Bacchus is one of the top bars not only in England, but in the world. The name derives from a Greek God of days gone by and the atmosphere is laden with Roman pillars, plush carpet and all the Egyptian décor one could hope for including Renaissance art and tombs.

The drinks and food are a little expensive but those looking to meet high class women in an eclectic arena will love the ambiance that radiates from this bar.

Chi Bar Club

A night out on the town in search of a beautiful and fun girl can and should happen at least once at the Chi bar. One of the only bars that placates those who love a mixture of Asian and the Big Apple, this lounge comes complete with a Jacuzzi tub! Four floors of amazing music and a chilled out crowd, there are plenty of girls that peruse this newer but coming of age bar on any given night.

There is also a private room in the back which hosts a bed large enough to accommodate 60. You would think the bed and Jacuzzi would make this bar cheap, but then you would have the wrong impression. Class, chic and style are not lacking here.

Island Bar

The Island Bar plays to a bit of a younger crowd and is known as the place to be if you’re looking for girls and some rock and roll. Not as flashy as other bars in the area, this one still holds its own with its bright décor and lively bartenders. The décor is light and funky and DJs fill the air all weekend long with hits you’ll love.

Living Room

The Living Room is actually a franchised bar so these can be found in many of the other cities in England but it’s one of the top visited bars in Birmingham especially Thurs. through Saturday. The crowd here is perfect if you are looking for a 30-something girl and the attached restaurant has dishes to die for.

Here is where the in crowd lays their hat on the weekends, gracefully and playfully drinking the bar’s signature Manhattans all made with fresh ingredients.

The Mailbox

The Mailbox is a trendy place to be and perfect for picking up girls and women. Technically this area is a one size fits all as there are malls, high-end stores and restaurants here too but the bar is in the thick of the city and is hip and happening. This is a great place to be if you have friends of varied ages along for the ride as the ages of women vary considerably.

Low key and chill, you can throw on a nice pair of jeans and shirt and the drink prices aren’t unreasonable.

Walkabout Bar

This trendy bar has lots of girl action and is great for 20 and 30-somethings as well as the older crowd. It’s a great starter bar and they are known to have the best food and drinks in the area. If the crowd is too demur for your tastes come witching hour you can also walk down the block just a bit and hit a few other bars that have lively music and rowdier crowds.


Very popular for the girls, this contemporary South American inspired bar is in the heart of Birmingham and you will love the cuisine and drinks. They also have a large selection of wines and beers and the music offers everything from Top 50 to Latina inspired tracks.

The Jekyll & Hyde

If the same old bars have become boring and lackluster, this bar is the perfect backdrop for a great evening of meeting girls and letting loose. It has an Alice in Wonderland-inspired courtyard which is heated in the cooler months and women love the Victorian-era Gin Parlour. The crowd here can be a little quirky, but if you are seeking something non-mainstream this is a great spot to call home for the night.

The Rose Villa Tavern

Located in the Jewellery Quarter, this tavern is contemporary and offers a mix of cocktails and global beers as well as great food and DJs during the weekend nights. It’s a laid back atmosphere and the walls are crawling with girls especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Badoo is a dating website but is specifically tailored for meeting girls in Birmingham. The site claims that 100,000 new members join every day and there are functions that allow for chatting, emailing and social meet up groups each week which you can attend to meet the girl of your dreams.

The Coffee Room

Don’t like the bar scene but still want to meet girls? Check out the Coffee Room where they serve up delicious lattes and the buzz is always going on. Girls come to this coffee spot by the hordes and it’s a popular social and group hangout when the bars become mundane.

Meetup.com Birmingham

Meetup.com is everywhere and Birmingham has its own slice of heaven as well. Join this online meet up group for free where dozens or more groups all arrange ahead of time to meet up at bars, pool halls, restaurants and other local spot. Everything happens here from the usual bar scene to craft and hiking groups and it’s a great way to chat and mingle a little before taking the plunge and meeting.

5 Best Online Dating Sites to Pick Up Women

Having a tough time looking for women to pick up in bars or in your neighborhood? Are you on the shy side and would rather talk to them online first? If that is your dilemma, then consider your problem solved. Thanks to online dating sites, you can meet wonderful women right at the comfort of your home. The best thing is that you do not have to go through the trouble of knowing if the 2 of you have something in common. By just checking out their profile, you can immediately weed out those who you won’t get along with and narrow down your choices to those who you find interesting.

These are the 5 best online dating sites to pick up women.

1. eHarmony is one of the best online dating sites today showing a 48 percent growth according to Nielsen. The great thing about it is the fact that many subscribers are not just there to hook up. eHarmony caters to people who want to get into a serious relationship. Hence, it comes with a call feature that still keeps the numbers of the members private for security purposes.

2. Match.com is one of the great dating sites for men to meet women. If you are having difficulty choosing which girl to talk to because of the sheer number of members of the site, you can get some help with Profile Pro, which automatically matches people. Called “Daily 5”, 5 members with profiles compatible to yours will be selected so you can narrow down your choices.

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3. There is a saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea and when it comes to women, well, you have a lot of choices as well. POF.com is one of the most in demand online dating sites with half its members already used to the idea of online dating and the other half are fairly new to it. The good thing about this site is that it automatically helps the members with their choices by allowing them to customize the physical appearance and personality that they are looking for in a woman.

4. Zoosk is among the most popular online dating sites because it is extremely convenient to use while still very effective. What makes it unique is that it is built to integrate with other social networks. Don’t speak English? That’s fine. Zoosk can be used in 25 different languages and is present in over 70 countries. If you want to meet foreigners, this is a great site to use as well.

5. Don’t know how to find the perfect woman? Why not start with compatibility quizzes which is one of the best features of okCupid. No wonder it is among the best online dating sites today. The great news is you can use it free of charge. In fact, it was voted as one of the top 10 dating sites in Time Magazine.

Those are the 5 best online dating sites to pick up women. They may not all be perfect and may not house the best women out there at the same time, but they are the best places to start hooking up with the right women. It all depends on your personality and interaction for your success in picking up girls, but here’s a quick tip, be sure to be catchy and expressive in your profile, this will surely do you wonders.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar

Let’s be honest here. No matter how hard you try to deny it, one of the main reasons guys goes to bars is to pick up girls. Sure, you can say that you enjoy going there to meet new people or have a couple of drinks with friends, but if the opportunity strikes, won’t you try to meet a pretty lady and strike a conversation? Not every day you get to see guys backing down on available girls who make themselves available for conversations through going to the bar.

So why are there so many guys who try to appear cool, sipping a glass of alcoholic beverage by himself? The truth is, while guys want to pick up girls in bars, the majority of the male population has totally no idea how to go about it. They may try to look confident and self-assured but deep inside, they are clueless. So if you are one of those guys who secretly want to pick up girls but have no idea where to start, you can start by reading this short how to article. Don’t worry, nobody needs to know that you are getting your ideas here.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar Tip #1: Get over your self-issues. It is a fact that even guys have issues about themselves. Maybe you don’t like your curly hair or your muscles are not as developed as the movie stars’. Perhaps you feel awkward or don’t trust your fashion sense. Listen, you may have those issues but most of those issues are just in your head. Women really won’t go through the trouble of scrutinizing you, looking for your faults. So just be yourself and have fun. If the opportunity comes, introduce yourself to the girl. Don’t try to look all confident and cool unless you really are that kind of person. In the end, women can detect a genuine person and a façade. And yes, they often go for the genuine ones.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar Tip #2: Learn how to listen. Yes, you may be in a bar with blaring music but that sure does not stop some guys from continuously talking about themselves. A conversation in a bar with a lovely woman is not like a job interview. You do not have to enumerate all your credentials. In fact, she would appreciate it more if you talk less about yourself and asked more questions about her. Learn how to listen. It works 99 percent of the time.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar Tip #3: Find out what you have in common with her. The problem is always getting the conversation going. Well, you can start by asking questions and once you strike an area that the 2 of you have in common, voila! The conversation will just happen. Before you know it, the 2 of you will be sharing a few laughs and some stories without any effort at all. So make it one of your main goals to find out what the 2 of you have in common. That will go a long way when guys try to pick up girls.

Now that you got these simple tips, be ready with your arsenal and confidence, who knows your next pickup will be after your latest trip to the bar. Don’t make a fool out of yourself, drink moderately; treat people nice and things will just follow in its natural course.

Where to pick up girls in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix in Arizona isn’t exactly famed for being a ‘must visit’ destination for men that want to pick up ladies. Just because it doesn’t hold this reputation though, doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic place to visit. In fact, judging by the scores of fantastic nightclub and bars on offer here, I truly believe that it is one of the best out there. Let’s take a little look at various places you can head whilst in Phoenix, AZ.

If you want to head to a nice ‘lounge style’ bar, then you absolutely need to head to Merc Bar in Downtown Phoenix. There are plenty of drinks on offer here, and some pretty fantastic food. It isn’t frequented by a lot of single ladies compared to some of the others you will see on this list, but I do feel as though some of the prettiest lurk here.

Amsterdam is a bar which is normally famed for being one of the top gay bars in Phoenix. Don’t let this put you off though. Lurk on the patio outside and you will see a lot of beautiful women scuttle on by, perfect for watching people to work out how to talk to in my opinion!

Filmbar is a cross between a movie theatre and a bar. Which of course means that it is frequented by a lot of people who are out for a bit of fun, including a lot of single ladies. As it is a movie theatre, you already have your first date planned too!

Sanctum. I absolutely love this nightclub. The theme is absolutely sublime. Whilst it is open every single day of the week playing great music and offering cheap drinks, if you are in the market for some lovely ladies, I suggest that you head here on a Saturday. Be aware though, it fills up incredibly quickly!

Postino is the place to head if you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated woman. This is a wine bar in a stunning setting, and a lot of ‘high flying’ types head here after a long day at work. I suggest you get here sooner in the day to have your pick of the best ones.

SideBar. This to me seems like a very traditional bar, and yes, there are men here, but there are a lot of women too who are interested in a fantastic drink. I suggest heading here early in the evening as many women come here before heading out to some of the main clubs around Phoenix.

PHX Night Club is a fantastic club playing wonderful music. There is no cover for women before 11pm, which means that a lot of them are attracted to this location. For this reason, I suggest heading before 11pm, that way you have your pick of some pretty beautiful girls. Many stay here and party the night away. So if you only want to head to one location in Phoenix, make this it!

Bar Smith is a small bar, but it has a lot of attitude. The dance floor here is heralded is one of the best in Phoenix. So why not put on your dancing shoes and scuttle on over to here? There is a lot of women on offer. Just make sure you can dance.

Crescent Ballroom isn’t as ‘fancy’ as it sounds. A lot of great bands play here from time to time. And of course, gigs are the perfect place to pick up women right?

If you like a good bar, then the best place to head is Copper Blues. Lots of different beers on offer here. You will be surprised how much that attracts women! It is also fairly quiet too, which means chatting to them shouldn’t be too difficult either.

Where to Pick up Girls in Toronto, Ontario

Picking up girls in Toronto, Ontario has never been easier. This lively metropolis is full of nightlife, not to mention remarkably beautiful women from all walks of life and no matter which hot spot one chooses to peruse in this area, they are sure to find a plethora of good looking girls who are also looking for a memorable date. While any place may be fraught with women, these are the Top 10 places to begin your search.

Century Room (580 King Street West)
The Century Room has been one of the most favored clubs in Toronto for decades and here you don’t need to wait until the clock strikes midnight to find beautiful women. The club fills up rather early in the night and the one leveled building makes it easy to locate the girls you are looking for.

The cover charge is $15 and you will want to arrive early. This is a great place for those looking for a younger, hip crowd as the nominal age is generally 22-35. Their dress code while lax will accept a nice pair of jeans and tee-shirts but it’s better to dress to impress here as the clientele tends to be on the chic and classy side.

The Madison (14 Madison Avenue)
For a relaxing evening without having to spend hours worrying about a dress code, The Madison is a perfect place to wear your comfortable clothes and not be inundated with loud, high energy music as is usually found in the clubbing scenes.

What is present here are down to earth girls, most of them local college students, who are ready to mingle in ease in the two story pub. Enjoy filtering between the indoor rooms and the oversized, outdoor patio during the warm months and there is no cover charge.

The place really starts hopping around 10:30 but get there a bit earlier to avoid long lines.

Muzik (15 Saskatchewan Road, Exhibition Place
Here you will find over 40,000 square feet of unadulterated space and an otherwise high class venue which is always happening and filled with the sexiest girls Toronto has to offer. It can be an expensive venture however, as parking is $10 and there is a $20 cover. The drink prices run a little high as well and the dress code includes collared shirts, pressed jeans and no sneakers. But if classy if what you are after, along with the area’s most talented DJs and women galore, this spot is worthy of checking out.

Brassaii (461 King Street West)
This club is best visited on Saturday nights and has a huge patio as well as a large dance floor to get your groove on. The crowd is upscale and friendly, as is the staff and though the dress code isn’t as strict as in other clubs, you will want to put in some effort getting ready. This is one of the trendiest and popular clubs so entrance should be by 10:00 p.m. or you will risk not getting in at all. The women are beautiful and easy to approach and the music is set at a reasonable decibel so you can chat away in ease. The cover is $15 but is well worth it.

This is London (364 Richmond Street West)
If overly crowded venues aren’t your thing, This is London is perfect as it offers a large venue, two separate floors and also is one of the only bars to also have a smoking patio. It does get crazy busy on both weekend nights so get there by 10:00 p.m. The cover is $15, reasonable for this area. The demographics are younger than other clubs as they allow 19+ but they are friendly and approachable and because it’s a hot spot, there are plenty of girls to choose from.

Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street West)
This is more of a lounge than a club but the women here are stunning and friendly and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a laid back venue without a dress code. The cover is $10 and they do have live entertainment but it’s not so loud that you can’t hear yourself think. The crowd is stylist and trendy, and the demographic is wide.

Spice Route (499 King Street West)
For dinner and dancing as well as your choice of gorgeous women, the Spice Route is a fantastic choice. The spacious restaurant serves amazing food at reasonable prices and come 9:00 p.m. it turns into a chic lounge scene which is especially popular in the warmer months. The crowd is trendy and upscale, and the staff is friendly. This isn’t necessarily where you will spend your entire evening but it’s a nice starter place.

Court House (57 Adelaide St E)
The busiest night here is Sunday but lately it’s been getting more packed on Saturday as well. The décor inside is stylish and hip and the cover is only $10 and it’s a popular hangout for other local bar staff in the area. Get here before 10:00 if you want a table or place to lean because after that it is mobbed and wear a collared shirt and nice shoes.


toronto pick up bars
toronto pick up bars

If you want to meet beautiful girls but hate the bar scene, any local will tell you to head on down to this hot spot where girls are known to hang out just waiting for Prince Charming to approach them. There is a Starbucks centrally located and this is a great place to converse with women easily and privately and the music which is hip makes for a romantic back drop.


toronto pick up girls
toronto pick up girls

This café is well known to be a hot meeting spot for women of all ages and cultures. Many people meet here during the afternoons to sit back and people watch, gather and chat and the coffee and snacks are delicious. It’s a good place to casually meet girls in an open and friendly atmosphere which could lead to a later in the day date where you can try one of the above listed clubs for some adult entertainment.

Where to Pick up Girls in Montreal, Quebec

If your goal is to meet a hip and friendly girl, there may not be a better city than Montreal. One could virtually walk into any establishment and find more than a few beautiful girls worthy of striking up a conversation with. Still not sure where to go? Check out these popular locations packed full of single girls just waiting to be enamored.

Looking for a stylish and trendy girl? Velvet is jam packed with them and although the exterior doesn’t look promising with its brick, the interior is divine and the candlelight offers more ambiance than anyone needs to set the tone for the night. Any day from Thursday to Sunday this place is full of friendly and sexy women and it has the best DJs in the area who play a wide range of music which isn’t so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation.

This is an elite establishment complete with dress codes so dress to impress. If you’re looking for the model type girl, this is the place to find her as most of the women are upscale and refined and you may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two! Get here early as it fills up fast and past 10:00 p.m. you may not be granted access at all. The drinks are yummy and the women even more attractive.

St. Laurent StreetMap
This entire street is lined with some of the trendiest meeting places and clubs and you can start at one end and work your way up and down if variety is your thing. A very happening place for women and girls of all ages, be sure to check out Biftek which has plenty of girls and cheap drinks as well as Jupiter or Blue Dog for university girls and drink specials with no cover charge.

Tokyo BarMap
This is a fabulous spot for finding friendly girls that are maintenance free to spark up a conversation with. The best nights here are Thursdays and Sundays and it offers a club like atmosphere that is fun, flirty and unpretentious. There are plenty of drink specials and great music as well and when it gets too hot inside, peruse the outside deck which is usually crawling with girls too.

Old Port/VieuxMap
There are quite a few hot spots to find girls in this area of Montreal which include the Garde Manger, a quaint restaurant by day which turns into a premiere club scene at night. The food here is amazing and the atmosphere at night transforms into an eccentric and hip place to have a drink, dance and mingle with the opposite sex.

Thursday’s is another great place for singles looking to mingle. It has several different rooms to meet and greet in as well as a club area downstairs which plays amazing music. The drink prices are reasonable and the ages here range from older 20s to late 40s for the most part. The main areas upstairs consist of two large rooms where food is served and offers a relaxing atmosphere to talk in. It is also adjacent to a hotel which has a swimming pool and upscale restaurant.

For a wild night where pretty girls are known to dance and give lap dances into the wee hours of the morning, this is the place to be. The split level club is more than a little happening and some heavy partiers are known to make this their last pit stop of the night. The demographics are a little older (30s and up) and the DJs are fantastic. The outdoor terrace is a great place to relax and step away from the music. Get here before 10:00 p.m. as this is an early crowd!

If the pub atmosphere is your taste, this is a perfect spot to meet pretty girls though it can be tough to maneuver through on your first visit as there are mazes of rooms and hallways all off the main bar area. Once you find your way around though, it is a cool spot that has the main facility area as well as a separate room with live band entertainment and another area which is quieter and where you can dine in peace. For the pub loving crowd, this is a popular nightlife spot.

Club Electric AvenueMap
Also popular with the ladies is the ultra-trendy Electric Avenue which caters to a younger crowd and those who love to revisit the 80s. The music is slamming and the dance floor is always packed with girls looking for dance partners. The downstairs is decorated in retro style décor and is a perfect place for taking a break from the loud music and chatting. For a retro and underground feel, here is the place to be and most nights there is no cover and the dress is relaxed, albeit chic.

Peel PubMap
For a young crowd, mostly consisting of college aged girls, the Peel Pub is infamous to Montreal and is always streaming with young and excited girls who want to have a good time. As a bonus there is no cover charge to get it, the dress is informal and the food and drinks are crazy inexpensive.

Where to pick up girls in Philadelphia, PA?

Despite being a rather sprawling city, finding girls to pick up in Philadelphia is a real game. Proper locations are few and far between. In fact, many people actually just meet them randomly by going to various ‘interest clubs’ around the area. In this article however I want to discuss what I feel are a few of the best locations in Philadelphia, PA for picking up women if you are new to the area.

Let’s start with Fluid Nightclub. The music may not be to everybody’s tastes here, but a lot of girls from Philadelphia do choose to frequent the area. In fact, it is also a favorite for those that aren’t even from the area, so expect a number of exchange students galore throughout this building. You should be able to find someone fairly easy here, providing you use the right moves. The drinks are also fairly cheap, which is a positive!

If you are heading to Philadelphia in October then you absolutely need to head to ‘Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant‘. Now, throughout the rest of the year it isn’t anything too special. However, one day in October (it changes each year) they have a one day ‘singles festival’ and as you can probably guess, it is swarming with girls. I don’t really suggest heading here otherwise though.

As I mentioned at the start, locations to pick up girls, bar wise at least, are few and far between in Philadelphia. This means that you need to look into other options. Top of the list’s Macy’s. After all, a lot of girls frequent this story in order to pick up all manner of goods. You will notice a lot of singles around here. So don’t be afraid, just get chatting to them! If you want to head to a different area, also based around shopping, which is going to be chock full of girls then I suggest you head to Terminal Market. Lots of food on offer too, and the easy girls should be fairly easy to spot!

Back to the bars a little now. Perhaps my favourite is ‘Drinker’s Tavern‘ which is found in the old town. Here the girls tend to be very easy to talk to, and there is a lot of action here on a Friday and Saturday night. Mainly down to how cheap the drink is. If you are heading here one of these days then your best bet to hook up is to head there between 9 and 11pm.

College girls your thing? If so, Copabanana is an awesome place to head. It has a very ‘Spanish’ feel to it, and it is open up all day, so if you have a bit of time to kill, head to this bar. Located just a short distance from here is Vango Lounge and Skybar which is suitable for those that are on the lookout for international college students.

This is just a brief list of the various places in Philadelphia. Sadly however, there aren’t many locations for you to head. This is a positive for you though, it means that most of the girls are going to be concentrated on just a few locations!

Philadelphia Bars Picture Gallery

Part 1
Part 2