Best pick up bars & clubs in Atlantic City

Are you thinking about visiting Atlantic City and are a fan of the nightlife? Are you looking for pick up clubs and bars? You have here a list of the best places where you can pick up girls and enjoy your time to the fullest! Check out this list and see for yourself where you can have fun and have the best time of your life.

Check out the 40/40 Club. It is one of the most famous and the most sought after club out there. It is owned by Jay Z and it takes its name from the ultra-exclusive baseball record of achieving 40 home runs and stolen bases in a single season. This Club is an upscale lounge that splits between q private club and q sports bar, making it a great place to kick it with the boys on Sunday or for ladies night with the gals on a Saturday. You can find your share of ladies to pick up and have some real fun.

Don’t leave without visiting the Casbah. It is an excellent choice for it is the Trump’s Taj Mahal signature nightclub. You can find here the latest trend and the best music. Also it has the latest state-of-the-art sound system, fit to satisfy every need. Try it out for a party like you have never seen before.

Club Providence. Go on, try out one of the hottest clubs in Atlantic City where all the hottest girls and boys go. Pick up some girls tonight? Not yet? Well try this club out and you will not be leaving alone, guaranteed. This club has it all, not only the world-class DJs and luxurious service that you would expect from any top-tier bar, but they add something extra, a new level of excitement on Saturday nights with The Accused. They are a high-flying aerial acrobatic team that provides a show that unfolds above the outstretched hands and moving bodies on the dance floor, whether they come to realize it or not. This club has been added a new layer of excitement when none was needed.

Mur.Mur is definitely the latest and most sought after nightclub in Atlantic City. Here is one of the best pick up clubs that you can find. It is a sleek, sexy and modern club that keeps on partying until the morning hours. This name is carefully chosen as it refers to the whispers that are passed between two people as they get to know each other either on the dance floor or at the bar. Mur.Mur’s subtly romantic vibe often changes the expected and turns two strangers into great friends by the end of the night.

Mixx. Try this baby out! It has booths available from where you can see the dance floor and get to pick out your lady for the night!

Looking for a refreshing yet hot night? Go on to The Pool After Dark! Lots of celebrities have been showing around here for a night splash full of style and fun! Come on and feel alive!

When there is dance involved, there are ladies involved so go on and hook up at The Rumba Lounge. This awesome bar comes ready for everyone with tabletop video poker and views of the action on the casino floor.

Who needs luck when you have Comedy Stop Café and Cabaret? With the humor that is going on in here you can have your share of action in this comedy club!

If you are looking to impress your lady with your prowess at sport you can check out this sports club that offers chicks guaranteed! Go to Game On for a little fun and some healthy dosage of sports.

One of the coolest bars is Planet Rose. Here you can attract your share of ladies but also make it a unique experience by the atmosphere offered.

Go on and have a blast in Atlantic City!

Where to pick up girls in Portland, ME

Picking up girls in Portland, ME is often seen as tough task, but in reality, it isn’t all that difficult. It may just be the weather, but people are easy going there, you just have to know where to look. There are so many great bars and clubs there that are filled with women just waiting for guys to hook up with them. All you need to do is visit those places, flirt with a couple of girls, and bring them home. It is that simple.

Where To Pick Up Girls In Portland, ME? Below is a full list of the best places to go, take note of these places and do your little research before going into them to increase your chances of a successful date.

Below are the top list for pick up places in Portland:

Nosh Kitchen Bar

Nosh Kitchen Bar is a casual bar filled with beautiful women. It has a cosy friendly atmosphere, which brings the most decent women.

Bull Feeney’s

Bull Feeney’s is an authentic Irish pub, that tends to get a lot of tourists. In other words, the women you will see may not be local women.


The Oasis is a dance nightclub that gets some of the craziest party girls in all of Maine. They play great music, and the drinks are fairly priced.

Flask Lounge

The Flask Lounge is a dance club with a quite tiny bar, and so talking to girls won’t be all that difficult. You can either dance all night or just flirt around with girls.

The Plague

The Plague is also a dance club that usually rails in the gothic emo chicks, since the songs played are mostly goth themed. Overall, it’s quite a nice place to hang out.

Retro Night

Retro Night is a dance club that is filled with people in all ages and ethnicity’s since it isn’t far from the city. It is a nice place to meet women for sure.

Rock Dog Studios

Rock Dog Studios is the place to visit if you want to listen to genuine rock soul music while at the same time meet women with the same taste in music.

Mark’s Place

Mark’s Place is a cosy sports bar and dance club that is open from 7pm to 1am. This place doesn’t exactly get the crazy party girls, but the more decent girls just wanting to meet people while getting a little drunk.

Novare Res Bier Cafe

Novare Res Bier Cafe is a nice place to just have a drink and meet women. There is no dress code, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing up nicely.

Space Gallery

Space Gallery is an art gallery, music venue, and bar, making it a great place to start a conversation with women.

All of these places will really help you pick up girls in Portland, ME. If you ask me, it will be worth a try to visit out some of the places mentioned and take your chance of meeting up girls and picking them up.

Best Pick up Bars and Clubs in Tampa, Florida

The sunny state sure has a sunny side in nightlife parties and entertainment. There are numerous of pick up bars and pick up clubs around Tampa, Florida. You can even meet beautiful pick up girls from these awesome bars and clubs.

Push Ultra Lounge. This is one great bar that offers good music from famous DJs and some visiting celebrities. You will definitely enjoy world-class music, awesome dancing, and out of this world vodkas. Enjoy the night away in one of the famous pick up bars in Florida.

Hyde Park Café Located on Platt Street, you can enjoy the party in their Velociti Room which is led by a DJ. Music is from salsa, hip-hop, and disco music. If you want to just hang out and relax with the pick up girls of Tampa, you can enjoy in their Biergarten area that serves a lot of brewery and bar food. This club also has a VIP rooms that are good for private parties, but it fills up so fast that you have to reserve ahead.

Shephard’s This modern club is settled on the Clearwater Beach in Florida with an amazing view of the sea outside. You will enjoy their state of the art dance floor and they serve a variety of drinks to satisfy your night. You can meet a lot of beach girls in one of the best pick up clubs in Tampa.

Club Skye This club will gratify your hip-hop cravings in music and dancing. A lot of the young people like this club because of the hype and the energy. This club also has an outdoor bar if you want to relax a little from the rowdiness of the dance floor.

The Kennedy If you want an upscale pick up bar, this bar is perfect for gatherings and a night of fun and entertainment. Most young professionals and college students visit this place to unwind and just enjoy the night with great drinks and music. Some celebrities may perform at this club or make a surprise visit as well.

Round Up For those who want a taste of country and southern music and dancing, this place is the perfect hang out location. You can dance, hang out, and drink the southern way with your friends and dates. You can also test your courage as you try their good old mechanical bull to finish the night.

Club Prana In 7th Avenue lies this decade-old pick up club that is a favorite place for meeting pick up girls in Tampa, Florida. With the mix of reggae, hip hop, dance, and even Latin music, you will never get bored in this great dance club.

Stumps Super Club It isn’t called a super club just for nothing. This is located in Channelside Mall and is considered to be the best and well-managed dive club in the Southern part of the US. They have a band playing a wide range of music and replaced by DJs who play party music during the height of the night to get the crowd going.

Royale Ultralounge This is one of the newest dance clubs in Tampa located on North Morgan Street. The dance floor is superb and the music is a mix of a variety of genre that surprises people all the time. They offer a great selection of drinks and there are a lot of classy pick up girls to encounter.

Four Green Fields This is one of the exceptional pick up bars in Tampa, which is located along West Platt Street. This bar offers awesome Irish food and drinks and plays some Irish music to get that Irish ambience. This is different from other bars and clubs in town and because of its uniqueness, people enjoy a night partying in a new environment from time to time.

Best Pick Up Places, Bars & Clubs In Charlotte, NC

When it comes to searching for the best pick up places, bars, and clubs in Charlotte, NC this will depend on the persons own preferences. This article will list the best ones that we think might please the general public. Taking the time to visit each of these locations, might just help those seeking to find their significant other the best opportunity at doing so.

For those looking for a friendly type of atmosphere, the Town Tavern provides its guests with plenty of opportunities. This place can let a person show their true talents of a sing along, with a wide selection of music. This bar is located in the uptown district, at: 200 N Tryon St, Suite 100 Charlotte, N.C. 28202 (714) 334-3324. They are open from 4 P.M., until 2 A.M Monday, Through Sunday.

For people who want to have a central location to dance, and mingle the Roxbury Night Club could easily accommodate that option. This newly renovated hot spot provides 80’s and 90’s type of music along with an outdoor patio. This nightclub is located in uptown Charlotte, at: 116 West 5th street. In order to book a reservation, guests are asked to visit their facebook page here: They are only open on Friday, and Saturdays from 8:30 P.M. until 2 A.M.

The third on our list of hot locations to meet others is the Dixies Tavern. This place provides a more casual approach for people wanting to mingle, and get to know others in a comfortable setting. They provide TV’s, a pool table, and a section to get something to not just drink, but to eat as well. The place is located at: 301 E. 7th Street, Charlotte, N.C. 28202. Their phone number is: (794) 374-1700. Their hours of operations are Monday, through Sunday, along with daily specials for each night of the week.

The fourth best location on our list is called the Ri Ra Irish Pub. This spot is great for a variety of reasons weather your Irish, or not. For any person who wants to enjoy a great hearty meal along with meeting new people this pub provides just that. They are located at: 208 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC. 28202. Phone Number: (704) 333-5554. The individual can visit their website to learn more of what they have to offer here:

The fifth location is called the Cosmos Cafe. This location seems to be very hip amongst singles wanting to interact with each other, without all the added pressures. A person can get a great meal, drinks and all the social interaction they can handle. They are located at: 300 N College St, Charlotte, NC 28202. Phone: 704-372-3553. Their hours of operation are Monday, through Fri 11:00 A.M. until 2:00 A.M.

On Saturdays they are only open from 5:00 P.M., until 2:00 A.M. This night is often called the Salsa Night.

Our 6th location will really please those that are into a variety of musical talents, and who want to meet those with the same types of interests. The Evening Muse, often will draw in the crowd from a variety of people, from the locals, all the way up to a variety of different professionals. In order to purchase tickets for their upcoming shows the person will want to visit them online at: They are located at: 3227 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC. 28205. Phone Number: (704) 376-3737

Seventh on our list of hot hang out locations, for singles especially, is called Wine Up. This location provides their customers with a variety of wines, along with a food menu, and a chance to play pool while getting to know others. They are located at: 3306 N. Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28205. Phone number: (704) 372-2633. Their hours of operation are: Tuesday, through Saturday, from 6:30 A.M. until 2:00 A.M. Visit them here at:

The eighth location on our list is called Amos’ Southend. This place does tend to attract the single young twenties crowd who enjoy dancing while enjoying their favorite drinks with friends. They are located at: 1423 South Tryon, Charlotte, NC. 28203. Phone: (704) 377 6874. Visit their website for further details here:

Our ninth location called the Boardwalk Billy might be worth a visit. This location seems to be a very hot spot to pick up girls. They are located at: 9005 J M Keynes Dr # 2, Charlotte, NC, 28262. Their phone number is: (704) 503-7427.

The tenth location on our list of hot spots that might be worth a mention is called Bar Charlotte. For any person wanting to meet others who share their same party lifestyle this place can help with that atmosphere. They are located at: 300 North College Street, Charlotte, NC. 28202. Phone Number: (704) 342-2557. Their hours of operation are: Thursday, through, Sat from 9:00 P.M., until 2:00 A.M.

When it comes to visiting the best pickup places, bars, and clubs in Charlotte, NC, this can vary based upon what the person is searching for. We listed the best places that we would like to offer as our recommendation just as a starting point to help those who may not have known these places existed. Taking the time to visit some of these locations just might help those in the single dating scene to finally meet the true love of their life.

Pick up Places, Bars & Clubs in Austin, TX

Are you looking for some fun and entertainment in Austin, Texas? The nightlife in Austin is well celebrated by numerous bars and clubs that surround this exciting city. You can enjoy the fancy cocktails, ice-cold beers and liquors, dance in the beat of good music, and even pick up some girls in the bars and clubs. You will definitely enjoy in any way you want to from these top bars and clubs in Austin, Texas.

Barfly’s. It is located in the Airport Boulevard in Austin, Texas which has become a popular dive bar among the young and even to the not so young crowd. The bar offers cheap beer and cocktails, a pool table and arcade games for the gamers and a stellar jukebox for those who want to enjoy great music. You can meet beautiful girls in this place as you hang out with your friends.

The Library Bar. This is especially famous for college students just for the name that has deceived so many parents. You can enjoy good music and dancing in this place as you drink beer with your friends. For some men, this is a good place to pick up girls in Austin, Texas and enjoy the night away.

Barbarella. Another great place for dancing, drinking with friends, and pick up girls in Austin, Texas. Down the Red River Street, you can find a red hot dance pub that is usually crowded with enthusiastic people who want fun and entertainment.

Bar Congress. This is one sophisticated bar for those who wants to meet classy girls in the bar. The bartenders’ artistic concoctions and cocktails can give you a fantastic night ever. Now, you can impress a girl offering her a cocktail that she’ll never forget.

Easy Tiger. This is an indoor and outdoor bar in Downtown, Texas that sells a great selection of beers and wines which tend to go sold out every night. You can meet great people in this place as you spend great conversation on their outdoor patio or spend time on a game of table tennis.

The Aquarium. Located on the 6th street in Austin, Texas where mostly young people hang out. They have a full bar of alcoholic drinks at a cheap price. Music is very loud and it has a good atmosphere for dancing and just having a good time with friends and new acquaintances.

Little Woodrow’s. This place is a wonderful and fun place to hang out after a hard day’s work. You can meet a lot of fun-loving pick up girls in Austin, Texas in this bar. This bar is not good for dancing but good for picking up a conversation with someone that interests you.

The Side Bar. This is an incredible place of great mixed drinks by their awesome bartenders. You will definitely have fun in this bar with their great drinks, cool crowd and atmosphere, and plenty of space to enjoy with your friends.

Draught House Pub and Brewery. This bar sells a great selection of rare and special beers from around the world. You will enjoy awesome conversation with beautiful pick up girls in Austin, Texas. Located at Medical Pkwy in Austin, this bar has become popular with the cool crowd in this town.

Pure. This is located at the 6th Street in Austin, Texas and it has a great place for a rowdy party. Drinks are cheap and the music is loud that you will really dance to its beat. This is another great place to pick up girls in this town because of the hype and the all-out dancing in this club.

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Where to Pick up Girls in Denver, CO

Denver, CO offers a lot to be desired with its sprawling landscapes, icy skiing slopes and charming residents. For those looking for love or lust, it is also a central location to peruse available singles and possibly meet the match of your dreams. Whether visiting or relocating, here are the top 10 places to pick up girls in Denver, CO.

Suite 200 (1427 Larimer Street)

This club is known to be swarming with beautiful ladies and the staff is exceptionally attractive as well. This is a dress for success club so take care in your attire before entering. The crowd here is young, chic and ready to have a great time. The lounge/club atmosphere is inviting, the DJs are jamming and the drinks are reasonably priced. Typically the night really takes off around 10:30 or so but don’t be afraid to get there a little earlier to secure an optimum seat at the bar and start weighing the options.

5 Degrees (1475 Lawrence St)

Friday and Saturday nights are perfect at this location which tends to get very populated early on so be sure to arrive earlier than you may to some other locations. The crowd is young (mostly 20 and 30-somethings) There is plenty of seating both indoors as well as on the spacious outdoor patio. The women that frequent this locale are stylish, fun and 5 Degrees offers a laid-back atmosphere with great music.

Shag Lounge (830 15th Street)

This bar is more of a favored Sunday hangout but in recent years the weekend crowd has been increasing due to the fun atmosphere, friendly staff and hot women that are known to frequent it. This club has a definitive Indy feel to it and the music is varied but at a low enough decibel that you can carry on a conversation easily. As an added bonus the drinks are also dirt cheap!

The Living Room (1055 Broadway)

Broadway Street is lined with eligible bars and eligible women but for ambiance and high class The Living Room is a definite place to check out. This night club caters to a 30s and above crowd and if you’re looking for a sophisticated kind of girl, this is the hot spot to be at on Friday or Saturday. The décor is a mod-60s style with dim lighting for scene setting and they even have a large patio with a warmer for the chilly evenings. With plenty of beer, wine and mixed drink selections, the choice of women is as vast as the adult beverages.

Tavern Uptown (538 East 17th Avenue)

If high class and dressing up aren’t on the agenda and you are seeking a causal hangout that also offers premium choices for single ladies, the Tavern Uptown is the place to be on any given night of the week. One of the most bustling locations for singles, like minds meet here all week long to enjoy the affordable drinks and food, watch a sporting event or lounge on the huge outdoor patio while mingling. This is also a favored college hangout so the women range from early 20s to 40s and older on some evenings.

Ogden Street South (103 South Ogden Street)

Another causal hangout that is popular with the ladies, Ogden Street South is well known for its laidback patrons and staff as well as their amazing drink deals should you need some liquid encouragement to mingle with the hordes of ladies that show up. It’s also one of the most popular Karaoke bars so you can serenade a few of the women that may catch your eye! Happy hours include $1.50 beers and cheap food options that don’t scrimp on taste.

The Church (1160 Lincoln Street)

Definitively one of the most interesting clubs in Denver, The Church is a brilliant location popular with the women if you are looking for an eclectic bar that draws some of the most internationally recognized DJs. The bold décor which has a Gothic drawl is magical come the witching hour and the women here have no problem striking up conversations.

Vinyl (1082 Broadway Street)

To meet women and get your groove on Vinyl offers a spacious platform to do so with great entertainment and a large patio with a rooftop lounge complete with fire pits for intimate meetings and conversation. The drink and food prices are more than reasonable and the crowd is varied so there is likely to be someone for everyone. There are four floors, each with its own bars and plenty of music and dancing to go around for varying music tastes.

Water World

Bars are great for finding beautiful women but if drinking and dancing isn’t your thing Water World is a fabulous option. The 64-acre park is just north of Denver and has amazing water rides, slides and food courts. It’s a great place to mingle and have some childhood-like fun and maybe even fall in love!
Adult admission is $35 for a whole day or $20 for a half day most days of the week but occasionally vary throughout the season.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

This beautiful outdoor park is also bustling with beautiful and single women and the famous amphitheater always offers great music with nature as its backdrop. Locals typically gather to enjoy the host of shows and activities but even when there is nothing going on musically it’s a popular hangout for some picnicking and socializing. Entrance is free when no concerts are scheduled and you want to bring along a camera!

Where to Pick up Girls in Minneapolis, MN?

Minneapolis, MN can offer everything one might desire: shopping, the arts and plenty of culturally based foods from around the world. When love and lust are in the air, there is also no shortage of local hot spots to cruise to find beautiful and available women! Check out these top 10 places to pick up girls in Minneapolis, MN.

331 Club (331 13th Avenue NE)

This club is always happening especially on the weekends and you want to show up early for prime seating or bar standing. The bands and genres change nightly with lots of drink specials to go around. The atmosphere is lively and even a little rambunctious at times but it is crawling with gorgeous women looking to have fun. Music starts at 9 sharp and feel free to dress casually but still to impress.

The Turf Club (1601 University Ave)

Often referred to as the prime “pick up place in MN” the Turf Club is brewing over with single women who come here for the sole purpose of meeting eligible bachelors (though they love the music too!) For great jazz music and low conversation in a laid back environment this is one of the most preferred venues to meet and greet. Doors open at 8 p.m. and be sure to check out the basement level Clown Lounge.

Stasiu’s (St. Anthony’s Village)

Very popular location with the women, this venue has great live music of all genres and is now considered the best and most hip locations around to enjoy music, eat and mingle with singles. It’s not uncommon for people to find love here and the relaxed arena is comfortable for chatting.

It’s technically located in St. Anthony’s Village but is a hop and skip from Minneapolis.

CC Club (2600 Lyndale Ave.)

Open all week long, the title really doesn’t do this local single hangout justice. While it isn’t as luxurious as some other trendy bars, it has great food and awesome drink prices and women often come here looking for relaxed conversation and good spirits. There is also an outdoor patio during the warmer months where the women are said to collectively hang out just eyeing potential, single males.

moto-I (2940 Lyndale Ave. South)

What CC Club lacks in ambiance, moto-I has but with the same awesome and relaxed crowd and tons of women crawling about looking for love. They self-brew their beer and the seating is cozy and intimate (tables, booths and couches) which offer the perfect backdrop for conversation and mingling. The crowd is one of diversity and most are chic or contemporary with an eclectic mix of blue and white collar so there is someone for everyone.

Williams Uptown Pub & Peanut Bar (2911 Hennepin Ave.)

Williams is spacious with a fun forum consisting of two separate bars so even though it get packed, you never feel cramped. The games which include arcade games as well as darts and pool tables offer a relaxed setting where men can mingle and chat in an eased fashion and not feel too pressured to make a move quickly. The crowd here is often younger in age, with a college-party mentality so it’s a great place to casually meet lots of different kinds of people without the pressure of more elegant bars.

Cause – Spirits and Sound Bar (3001 Lyndale Ave. South)

This happening place was previously known as “Sauce” and is located right in uptown. The restaurant and bar usually has great live entertainment or a comedy show and the crowd is diverse though on the younger side. It’s a great option if you’re looking for lots of single women in a low-key arena, where the drinks and conversation both flow like butter. After 10 p.m. the DJs will definitely get the moves going if dancing is something you like to do and the beats don’t stop all night long.

Liquor Lyle’s (2021 Hennepin Ave.)

Sports fans will love this bar which is open until 2 a.m. all week long and they broadcast any and all sporting events men and women could hope to see. The large projection televisions are among the best available and the staff is friendly and waiting to serve. Though it’s a sports bar, don’t let that deter your woman seeking as plenty of MN women are known to choose this as their hangout for the great beer and to cheer on their favorite teams!

Anodyne’s Coffee House (43rd and Nicollet Street)

Not into the bar scene? That’s perfectly fine as there are plenty of women to be found at this coffee house which specializes in homemade soups, quiche and a variety of other dishes, many of which are gluten free and vegan. With varying onsite coffee flavors and all of them brewed to perfection, there is ample seating and the relaxed and spacious room is perfect for copping a squat and mingling with women.

Uptown Art Fair (Uptown)

This yearly fair is held every August and even if you aren’t the artsy type, this is a great place to scope out and meet women who flock to it each year. The crowd is diverse and the local area of Hennepin is beautiful with lots of shops and paths to explore. The event is always lively and when the fair is over hop on over to the Cafeteria in Uptown for great food, laughs and conversation.

Where to Pick up Girls in SF Bay Area

If you can’t find the perfect girl in San Francisco you are doing something wrong as this is a hub for beautiful, fun, classy and all around amazing girls and they are everywhere and anywhere any day of the week. Here are ten of the best places to run into them and hopefully get the conversation off on a good foot.

Bubble Lounge

Located at 714 Montgomery Street this lounge is on the elegant side as it’s located in the financial district. During the week it’s a great after five bar and on the weekends the trendy and available girls line the walls. The lounge is spacious enough that you can mingle comfortably and the dance floor on the basement level is the perfect place to get your groove on. Fridays are the bar’s most popular night and it gets pretty packed by 10 p.m. There is a dress code but there is no cover so deck out in your best and hit the dusty trail.


Harlot sits at 46 Minna Street and is also a favored spot on Fridays. For a lesser crowd it’s still a good option for Saturday as well. Gorgeous girls flock this area and it’s known to be trendy and Goth inspired so if you’re looking for a non-traditional kind of girl, this is a great place to start. This bar is a little smaller than others but it offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for mingling and hooking up.


Located in the Union Square district, Vessel is known to be the hang out spot for the most beautiful girls in the SF area. During the weekends it can become quite loud so it isn’t always conducive for talking but the DJs are kicking and the crowd is mixed in ethnicity and age. This is the place to be if you like stomping music and the party atmosphere but be weary—it has co-ed bathrooms and is said to get more than a little wild on Saturday nights!


Also in Union Square, Slide is directly beside Ruby Skye, another popular night club and is an underground club with an eclectic mix of people all looking for a good time. The girls here are fun and attractive, definitely laid back and ready to be chatted up.

Ruby Skye

If you don’t like the pickings at Slide, it’s a hop over to Ruby Skye and the selection of girls here is just as impressive, although this is a quieter bar than Slide. It’s a great place to meet girls if you like a subtle arena and want to actually talk and be heard. The drinks are great and reasonably priced.

Roe Night Club

Located on Howard Street, this three-story venue tends to be more popular on Friday than Saturday but you might get lucky either day. The basement is a cool place to hang and mingle and on the second and third floor there are DJs spinning the latest hits. It can get loud, but the dance floor is huge so you can move around comfortably. The girls range from 20’s to 40s so there is someone here for everyone.


Fillmore Street is always a fun place to begin and end a night if you’re looking for a nice choice of different girls to choose from. The entire block has a cozy atmosphere and Matrix is a favored hang out for women of all ages just waiting to be hit on. There is no cover charge on any night and it’s local enough that you can walk to other clubs in the area as well as restaurants.


Located at the perfectly named Mission Street, being on a mission to meet girls can definitely start here where the music isn’t too loud and the dance floor is separated from the lounge area so you can comfortably chat first and dance later. There is no cover and plenty of parking and girls like to come here in groups so the pickings aren’t slim.


This is a popular hangout for Berkeley girls so if intellectual conversation is what you are after this is your place to be. Very chilled and laidback, the crowd here is younger than at other bars and it has a very college feel to it but it’s small enough to be intimate and later in the evening it really can get kicking. There is an outdoor patio which is great for starry nights and plenty of pool tables if dancing isn’t your forte.

Ritual Coffee Roasters

For the non-bar scene, this trendy coffee shop is a local hangout for women and girls of all ages but is really popular for 20-somethings. It’s a great place to sit for hours and enjoy all the lattes you are after. Free Wi-Fi is one of the benefits here and lots of college girls choose this as their hang out so your opening line can always be “What’s your major?”

Where to Pick up Girls in Birmingham(UK)


Looking to meet your very own Cleopatra? For upscale girls and women Bacchus is one of the top bars not only in England, but in the world. The name derives from a Greek God of days gone by and the atmosphere is laden with Roman pillars, plush carpet and all the Egyptian décor one could hope for including Renaissance art and tombs.

The drinks and food are a little expensive but those looking to meet high class women in an eclectic arena will love the ambiance that radiates from this bar.

Chi Bar Club

A night out on the town in search of a beautiful and fun girl can and should happen at least once at the Chi bar. One of the only bars that placates those who love a mixture of Asian and the Big Apple, this lounge comes complete with a Jacuzzi tub! Four floors of amazing music and a chilled out crowd, there are plenty of girls that peruse this newer but coming of age bar on any given night.

There is also a private room in the back which hosts a bed large enough to accommodate 60. You would think the bed and Jacuzzi would make this bar cheap, but then you would have the wrong impression. Class, chic and style are not lacking here.

Island Bar

The Island Bar plays to a bit of a younger crowd and is known as the place to be if you’re looking for girls and some rock and roll. Not as flashy as other bars in the area, this one still holds its own with its bright décor and lively bartenders. The décor is light and funky and DJs fill the air all weekend long with hits you’ll love.

Living Room

The Living Room is actually a franchised bar so these can be found in many of the other cities in England but it’s one of the top visited bars in Birmingham especially Thurs. through Saturday. The crowd here is perfect if you are looking for a 30-something girl and the attached restaurant has dishes to die for.

Here is where the in crowd lays their hat on the weekends, gracefully and playfully drinking the bar’s signature Manhattans all made with fresh ingredients.

The Mailbox

The Mailbox is a trendy place to be and perfect for picking up girls and women. Technically this area is a one size fits all as there are malls, high-end stores and restaurants here too but the bar is in the thick of the city and is hip and happening. This is a great place to be if you have friends of varied ages along for the ride as the ages of women vary considerably.

Low key and chill, you can throw on a nice pair of jeans and shirt and the drink prices aren’t unreasonable.

Walkabout Bar

This trendy bar has lots of girl action and is great for 20 and 30-somethings as well as the older crowd. It’s a great starter bar and they are known to have the best food and drinks in the area. If the crowd is too demur for your tastes come witching hour you can also walk down the block just a bit and hit a few other bars that have lively music and rowdier crowds.


Very popular for the girls, this contemporary South American inspired bar is in the heart of Birmingham and you will love the cuisine and drinks. They also have a large selection of wines and beers and the music offers everything from Top 50 to Latina inspired tracks.

The Jekyll & Hyde

If the same old bars have become boring and lackluster, this bar is the perfect backdrop for a great evening of meeting girls and letting loose. It has an Alice in Wonderland-inspired courtyard which is heated in the cooler months and women love the Victorian-era Gin Parlour. The crowd here can be a little quirky, but if you are seeking something non-mainstream this is a great spot to call home for the night.

The Rose Villa Tavern

Located in the Jewellery Quarter, this tavern is contemporary and offers a mix of cocktails and global beers as well as great food and DJs during the weekend nights. It’s a laid back atmosphere and the walls are crawling with girls especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

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The Coffee Room

Don’t like the bar scene but still want to meet girls? Check out the Coffee Room where they serve up delicious lattes and the buzz is always going on. Girls come to this coffee spot by the hordes and it’s a popular social and group hangout when the bars become mundane. Birmingham is everywhere and Birmingham has its own slice of heaven as well. Join this online meet up group for free where dozens or more groups all arrange ahead of time to meet up at bars, pool halls, restaurants and other local spot. Everything happens here from the usual bar scene to craft and hiking groups and it’s a great way to chat and mingle a little before taking the plunge and meeting.