Where to pick up girls in New York City – Part 2

pick up girls in new york city

Right, by now you would have read Part I one of our guide of the best places to pick up girls in New York City. We are not done yet though. Oh no. This is a massive city, and that of course means that there are a lot of girls to pick up and a lot of places for you to find them. Fantastic! Here is another 10:

Output This place is in Williamsburg. It is packed to the brim with girls most nights. It is a live music venue which means that you are going to have a lot to discuss with the ladies. It also means that it gets pretty loud which means she is going to need to get up close and personal with you to discuss something! Amazing!

Museums I could split this down into multiple places. However, I know you don’t want that as you want as many places as possible! As you know, there are a lot of museums and art galleries spread around New York City. This means that there are a lot of places to strike up a bit more of an intellectual women amongst the citizens of NYC.

The Woods This is another destination in Williamsburg (what can I say, all the best ladies hang out there). The reason why I recommend The Woods is the fact that is very well designed for socializing. There is a long bar for picking up the ladies, a dance floor close by to woo her a little more and then a nice patio with a bit of food to finally grab her.

Bonfire Bar This is on Sixth Avenue. It is a hookah bar, and that means it is not for everybody. However, the atmosphere is obviously very relaxed. This means that it is dead simple to strike up a conversation.

Mulhollands Love your ladies to like a bit of sport? Well, head here! Again, it is in Williamsburg. There will be plenty of women plying for your attention here. You just need to get in there before another man does.

Barcelona Bar This is located on Eighth Avenue. The women here are very approachable due to the amount of space inside. Even when it does get busy there is enough space for you to move about. You should find that talking to the ladies is dead simple.

Dekalb Market Let’s veer away from the bars a little with this one. Dekalb market is bustling with music and shopping opportunities. If you keep an eye out then you will notice women here. If you play your cards right then you will also be hooking up with one.

The Train Seriously, I am not crazy here. There will be plenty of women on that train. Many of them within close proximity. Do not be afraid to start up a conversation with them. The worst they can say is no. Try to do it during the later stages of the day. People tend to be more relaxed then.

Windsor Sports Bar This place is not so much about the sports. It is about relaxation and cocktails, lots and lots of cocktails. The sophisticated lady likes to come here on her way home from work. She is relaxed. It is time to try your moves on her.

Webster Hall, The Village: This is a fantastic music venue with a seemingly different style of music every single night. If you can’t pick up a lady here then you need to work on your moves.