How to pick up girls at University

pick up girls universityIn my opinion, there is nowhere better to pick up girls than at University. Chances are, this is the first time that both of you would have been living away from home on your own. The lady will be looking for somebody special to spend her time with and look after her, and of course, they want to have a little bit of fun at university too! Thankfully, picking up girls at university is simple, providing you know how of course!

One of the first things that you are going to need to bear in mind is the fact that ‘pick-up lines’ do not work on girls at university. They are a very sophisticated bunch. They thrive on intelligent conversation. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the conversation needs to be very intellectual, but you do need to have something to say if you want to stimulate her mind!

One of the best ways to pick up girls at university is to just get talking to them. There are tons of them out there, and they will be surrounding you. Talk to the girls in your class. You can talk about the subject that you are learning about. Just try and get them talking to you. This is the main thing! After that everything is easy!

If you really want to find some great women that connect with your ‘needs’ then I suggest you head to a club or a society of some sort that matches your interests. When you talk to women here half of the battle is done already. After all, you both share a common interest, and that is something that is incredibly important in a relationship! If you strike up a rapport with a delightful lady then why not invite her out for a coffee some time or another? I am sure that she will love this!

Of course, you could always go down the tried and tested route of picking them up at a party. I am sure that you will not be short of parties to attend whilst you are studying at university! Chances are you are also going to be in an area where alcohol is incredibly cheap throughout the week. Head to a pub or club and I am sure you will not be short of beautiful women to talk to here! Just remember, when you hook up with girls like this, chances are it may not last for longer than one evening unless you are INCREDIBLY interesting, so again, try to remember my point about having a stimulating chat with them. Make them want to remember you!

This is of course just a very quick guide on how to pick up girls at university. There is so much more than I have been unable to tell you. Just remember, go with the flow and strike up intelligent conversations. I am sure you will be able to score the perfect woman sooner or later!

5 Best Online Dating Sites to Pick Up Women

Having a tough time looking for women to pick up in bars or in your neighborhood? Are you on the shy side and would rather talk to them online first? If that is your dilemma, then consider your problem solved. Thanks to online dating sites, you can meet wonderful women right at the comfort of your home. The best thing is that you do not have to go through the trouble of knowing if the 2 of you have something in common. By just checking out their profile, you can immediately weed out those who you won’t get along with and narrow down your choices to those who you find interesting.

These are the 5 best online dating sites to pick up women.

1. eHarmony is one of the best online dating sites today showing a 48 percent growth according to Nielsen. The great thing about it is the fact that many subscribers are not just there to hook up. eHarmony caters to people who want to get into a serious relationship. Hence, it comes with a call feature that still keeps the numbers of the members private for security purposes.

2. is one of the great dating sites for men to meet women. If you are having difficulty choosing which girl to talk to because of the sheer number of members of the site, you can get some help with Profile Pro, which automatically matches people. Called “Daily 5”, 5 members with profiles compatible to yours will be selected so you can narrow down your choices.

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3. There is a saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea and when it comes to women, well, you have a lot of choices as well. is one of the most in demand online dating sites with half its members already used to the idea of online dating and the other half are fairly new to it. The good thing about this site is that it automatically helps the members with their choices by allowing them to customize the physical appearance and personality that they are looking for in a woman.

4. Zoosk is among the most popular online dating sites because it is extremely convenient to use while still very effective. What makes it unique is that it is built to integrate with other social networks. Don’t speak English? That’s fine. Zoosk can be used in 25 different languages and is present in over 70 countries. If you want to meet foreigners, this is a great site to use as well.

5. Don’t know how to find the perfect woman? Why not start with compatibility quizzes which is one of the best features of okCupid. No wonder it is among the best online dating sites today. The great news is you can use it free of charge. In fact, it was voted as one of the top 10 dating sites in Time Magazine.

Those are the 5 best online dating sites to pick up women. They may not all be perfect and may not house the best women out there at the same time, but they are the best places to start hooking up with the right women. It all depends on your personality and interaction for your success in picking up girls, but here’s a quick tip, be sure to be catchy and expressive in your profile, this will surely do you wonders.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar

Let’s be honest here. No matter how hard you try to deny it, one of the main reasons guys goes to bars is to pick up girls. Sure, you can say that you enjoy going there to meet new people or have a couple of drinks with friends, but if the opportunity strikes, won’t you try to meet a pretty lady and strike a conversation? Not every day you get to see guys backing down on available girls who make themselves available for conversations through going to the bar.

So why are there so many guys who try to appear cool, sipping a glass of alcoholic beverage by himself? The truth is, while guys want to pick up girls in bars, the majority of the male population has totally no idea how to go about it. They may try to look confident and self-assured but deep inside, they are clueless. So if you are one of those guys who secretly want to pick up girls but have no idea where to start, you can start by reading this short how to article. Don’t worry, nobody needs to know that you are getting your ideas here.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar Tip #1: Get over your self-issues. It is a fact that even guys have issues about themselves. Maybe you don’t like your curly hair or your muscles are not as developed as the movie stars’. Perhaps you feel awkward or don’t trust your fashion sense. Listen, you may have those issues but most of those issues are just in your head. Women really won’t go through the trouble of scrutinizing you, looking for your faults. So just be yourself and have fun. If the opportunity comes, introduce yourself to the girl. Don’t try to look all confident and cool unless you really are that kind of person. In the end, women can detect a genuine person and a façade. And yes, they often go for the genuine ones.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar Tip #2: Learn how to listen. Yes, you may be in a bar with blaring music but that sure does not stop some guys from continuously talking about themselves. A conversation in a bar with a lovely woman is not like a job interview. You do not have to enumerate all your credentials. In fact, she would appreciate it more if you talk less about yourself and asked more questions about her. Learn how to listen. It works 99 percent of the time.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar Tip #3: Find out what you have in common with her. The problem is always getting the conversation going. Well, you can start by asking questions and once you strike an area that the 2 of you have in common, voila! The conversation will just happen. Before you know it, the 2 of you will be sharing a few laughs and some stories without any effort at all. So make it one of your main goals to find out what the 2 of you have in common. That will go a long way when guys try to pick up girls.

Now that you got these simple tips, be ready with your arsenal and confidence, who knows your next pickup will be after your latest trip to the bar. Don’t make a fool out of yourself, drink moderately; treat people nice and things will just follow in its natural course.

How to start conversation with girls

For many men, starting a conversation with a female can be a rather daunting experience. Even if you have done it before approaching a new one is enough to cause shivers down your spine. It doesn’t need to be though. Females are just like men and thus starting a conversation with a female will follow exactly the same principles. In this article I am going to discuss some of the best techniques that you can use to start conversations with girls today.

Firstly, you need to gather up the courage to do it. Without courage you will just falter at the very first hurdle. You need to remember that this person isn’t going to judge you. In fact it is highly likely that they are just as worried about you judging them. If the conversation doesn’t go smoothly then that is fine. There are plenty of other women out there that are worth your attention and you can move onto then.

Now that is out of the way, let’s discuss the first approach to a woman. What many men fail to realize is that females don’t really like to be ‘hit on’. Sure, it can be flattering for a bit but when it happens time and time again it can be rather tedious. She will absolutely love you if you walk up to her and start just a normal conversation. Introduce yourself, it is highly likely that she is going to say hello back. If she doesn’t then just move on, do not read too much into it as it will shoot your confidence.

You don’t even need to walk up to her and shake her hand and introduce yourself straight away. Imagine you are in a packed bar or coffee shop. The only seat is near her. Why not pluck up the courage and ask if you can sit there? The worst she can say is no, but if she says yes then you are in the perfect position to begin having a chat about things. Of course, if you want to keep that conversation flowing then you should completely avoid anything that could be seen as ‘hitting on’ her. Sure, you can complement her eyes every now and then but certainly do not go overboard.

The real challenge for many men isn’t the initial approach to a woman. Instead it is keeping the conversation flowing. The trick is to stick true to your personality. Girls absolutely love a bit of personality and I am sure there is something in yours that will latch onto her. One of the biggest mistakes men make is trying to be somebody that they really aren’t. Make this mistake and there is no chance you will ever be talking to this girl again.

At the start it should be you that is leading the questioning and conversation after all you approached her. Hopefully as it gets a bit more ‘in depth’ she will open up and you will get to find out a bit more about her personality. Remember, you should always use ‘open’ questions rather than a question which can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you don’t do that then there is no chance you will get that conversation flowing.

Hopefully these tips are going to be useful for you. Follow these and you will be a pro at starting conversations with girls before you know it!


Talk to girls and get her number
How to pick up girls online
Best Places to Pick Up Girls

Talk to girls and get her number

get her number

Ok, so you have spotted a girl who is attractive to you on the other side of the bar. You aren’t up for a ‘one night stand’ and instead you want to see if you can get her on a date. What do you do? Well, you need to go up to her and talk to her. Once you have talked to her you need to get that telephone number and then give her a call! The problem is, there are very few people out there that know how do that. Don’t fret though, in this article I am going to teach you how to talk to girls and then to get her number in the end! Let’s dive straight in.

A word of warning here, before you approach a girl you should check and then double check again that she is actually alone! You don’t want some random guy coming up to you saying that you are hitting on his girlfriend right? Now that is out of the way you can actually commence your ‘act’.

Firstly go up to there and introduce yourself. Offer to shake her hand or even buy her a drink. If she snubs you then cut your losses. You will only have a chance of getting a phone number from a girl if she actually talks back to you. Never under any circumstances should you use cheesy chat up lines on a girl who you want to ask for her phone number, it will give the wrong impression to start with and that is not what you want.

If she talks back then great! You can pursue the conversation. You can take this in any direction that you want and hopefully you should find that the conversation flows pretty easily. You should start by asking her basic questions about her life e.g. where she works or studies and then move onto other things. I can’t really tell you what to say however you should bear in mind that you are the one starting the conversation and thus you should be the one keeping the conversation flowing. Two tips here, try not to talk about yourself too much (she needs to know that you are interested in her) and the second tip is to make sure that you use open questions only. This is the best way to find out more about her and establish that rapport.

After you have talked to her for a while and you feel as though the rapport is there you can ask her if she wants to carry the conversation on some other time. If she says yes then you will have her phone number. If she says no then don’t worry too much, there are plenty of other fish in the sea!

Remember, if a conversation isn’t going well i.e. she doesn’t seem interested then I suggest that you cut your losses and move on. There is no point wasting your time talking to a girl that is highly unlikely to want to be with you. There are plenty more fish in the sea and there will be plenty of attractive ladies in that room that do want to give you their phone number, you just have to go and seek them out! If she does give you her phone number then she is seriously interested, don’t forget to give her a call!


How to start conversation with girls
How to pick up girls online
Best Places to Pick Up Girls

How to pick up girls online

Whilst it is always better to go out and about to hit on girls there are plenty of guys that don’t have the courage to do this. Either because they don’t believe in themselves enough or they simply do not know how to. In these cases the internet can save them. There are plenty of websites online dedicated to picking up girls and I am going to run you through the best ways in which you can do that.
One thing to mention is that when you are online you should only hit on girls who have actually agreed to it for example by signing up to a dating website or using a chat room for singles. If you don’t do this then you could come across as a little bit creepy and you certainly will not experience any success.

There are a number of ways that you can pick up girls online. The first is by using message boards dedicated to your local area for example on Craigslist. However, you do need to bear in mind that many of these message board posts are just for ‘casual encounters’ as opposed to a more long term relationship. You also need to be aware that many of these posts could actually be fake and thus you should use ‘due caution’.

The second option is to head to singles chat rooms online. Whilst this should fulfill your needs for the short term it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find someone in your immediate area who is after a long term relationship. Chat rooms are so old hat nowadays too which makes your chances of success even slimmer. This is why I suggest that you always use the third and final option.

The third option is to sign up to one of the many online dating websites. Make sure that you create a profile on one of the more well-known websites if you want the greatest success. I have a couple of tips which will heighten your chances of being able to pick up girls online using this method:

1. Always fill out your profile as much as you can this includes adding as many pictures as you possibly can! Many women don’t actually fill out their dating profiles on these websites as they get constantly bombarded with men who want to hook up with them. They therefore go and seek out men themselves. Make sure to fill in all of your interests so that people will be able to find you.

2. Secondly you should never lie on your profile. People attempt to do this to be more ‘alluring’ to females but If you do get into a relationship then people will find out sooner or later if you lie.

3. Be yourself when talking to girls. Don’t attempt to ‘charm’ them with cheesy chat up lines and constant mutterings of ‘you are so beautiful’, yes, girls do love this but they prefer a stimulating chat that much more!

If you follow the tips above then hopefully you should have greater success when it comes to hitting on women online!


How to start conversation with girls
Talk to girls and get her number
Dating Sites to pick up girls

Best Places to Pick Up Girls

For some reason, one of the biggest problems that the majority of guys have is the fact that they don’t know where to pick up girls. This is slightly obscure since girls are almost everywhere that you go. In this article I am going to take a little look at the very best of the best places to find girls. Of course, this isn’t a definitive guide, but it will go to prove that if you really want to find a girl, then you will need to get outside of that house and get searching!


This is one of those ‘tried and tested’ places to pick up girls. In my experience though, you won’t be getting too much of a long term relationship here as you won’t really find time to get to know the person, and there is way too much competition for the ‘good girls’, although if you want to be almost guaranteed a woman to take home that night, then the bar is the place to go. Just don’t hit on that bartender!


This isn’t going to be the best place to pick up girls, mainly since you can’t really move around and get talking to people (without being pulled up on it at least!). There will be a lot of girls around though, and many of them will travel in groups. I am sure you will find some way to get in there and start talking to them, even if it happens after you leave the restaurant. I do suggest you don’t hit on your waitress though. She would have been getting the same thing throughout the day, so it really won’t go down well!

Coffee Shops

This is one of the best places to pick up girls. Generally, when people go to a coffee shop they sit alone, and this means you have ample opportunity to go up there and just talk to them. Why not offer to buy them a coffee? If you do everything right, then you could get to at least talk to her. As I said though, it is going to require a lot of confidence. If she enjoys the chat, then you may even get a second ‘date’ out of her, just suggest a time and a place!


If you are religious then you will want to look for ‘like-minded’ girls who share your beliefs. What better way to do that then at church? You already know you have something in common, so just go for it! Get talking to her, you may succeed. Maybe invite her out for a coffee one time after church, you will be surprised at how often women actually say yes.


Girls absolutely love a guy who is willing to give up his time for somebody. Therefore volunteering is going to be one of the best ways to pick up girls. You will most likely see a number of listings in your area requesting volunteers, so answer a couple of these adverts! You will want to choose something that you are interested in though, I don’t see the sense of volunteering to look after dogs if you are afraid of them (happened to a guy I knew once!). One of the best things about volunteering is that it isn’t really deemed as a ‘guy’ activity, and for that reason you will certainly have your pick of the ladies. On top of all of that, you will also share common interests, and that is always good for kicking a relationship off.


If there is one thing girls love more than anything else in the world, it is shopping. Therefore, heading to the mall is a fantastic place to head if you are on the lookout for girls. You certainly will have your pick here, and they will keep coming and coming! This means that if you fail the first time, you are always going to have another go at it! If you really get them chatting to you, then there will also be a plethora of places around the mall which you can take them in order to continue your conversation.


The gym used to be seen primarily as a male domain. However, as more and more women are getting into fitness, the gyms are being absolutely filled to the brim with women. This therefore makes it a fantastic place to pick up a pretty little girl. You will have particular advantage here as women love a guy that looks after himself, and there is no better way to show that you care for your appearance than visiting a gym!


Not the best place in the world to pick up girls, but it is viable. By that I mean I wouldn’t head expressly to a supermarket in order to look for women. If you go here they will be about though, all it takes is the ability to muster up the confidence to talk to one of them! There isn’t anything quite like bonding over a frozen turkey.

Clubs and Associations

In my opinion, this is the best way to pick up women for a long term relationship, bar none. This sort of activity allows you to talk to women who share common interests, and that is the key to any successful relationship. Join as many clubs and associations as you can, this should help you find the perfect women for you. Although of course, only join things which you have an interest in.


Picking up women here is a bit of a challenge owing to how quiet you need to be, although if you are after the intellectual type, then it is one of the MUST BE places. Bond over a book that you have read, or if you are college help her to study. Just do anything to get her attention (Although be quiet!)

Dating Websites

Many people see dating websites as a bit of a ‘last resort’, although to be honest, this is one of the best places to find women. This is the ideal option for the slightly quieter guy, or one who simply doesn’t have time to go from woman to woman trying to find at least one who shares his interests. There are plenty of dating websites out there, so make sure you choose the right one for you!


How to start conversation with girls
How to pick up girls online
Talk to girls and get her number

Top Gift ideas for your girlfriend

Buying a gift for your girlfriend need not be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. Sure, it is going to come pretty high on the list, but if you know a little bit about what you are doing then you really can’t go far wrong. There are a few things which girls love more than anything else, and these should stand you in good stead.

Let’s kick proceedings off with the ‘tried and tested’ flowers. This is one of the top gift ideas for your girlfriend although if you are not careful it could come across as a pretty lazy gift. Instead of getting her the standard red rose, why not get her favorite flower? This shows that you really do care. If you don’t want it to seem like a ‘last minute gift’ then don’t hand them to her yourself, instead get a delivery company to do all of the hard work for you!

If you are early on in the relationship, or want to complement another type of gift, then you cannot go far wrong with a delicious box of chocolates. Try to get top quality chocolates though, I mean, stopping off at the local gas station and picking up a box worth a dollar isn’t going to be good. If you really want to make it fantastic then get it personalized! There are plenty of companies online who offer this service now, so it should certainly be something that you should look into!

Speaking of personalized gifts, this a very good thing to have done. There is so much you can personalize. Why not give her a photo frame with a picture of you two inside? Or if you are feeling like you want to give a little more, build up a personalized scrapbook and give it to her. This scrapbook can be filled will all of your ‘best moments’ as a couple. Trust me, she will love this.

If you really are struggling for some gift ideas, then why not buy an ‘experience day’ voucher for your girlfriend? This is an absolutely fantastic idea as quite often there will be something listed on the website she will actually love. For example, has she ever said that she really wants to do something in her life? Buy her that! Alternatively, you can purchase a ‘pamper day’ for her. This is another one of those amazing gifts which is going to go down well.

This is just a quick summary of the top gift ideas for your girlfriend. I am sure as you were reading this your head started to conjure up a number of ideas. I think the best way to summarize this is to always get something that you know your girl is going to love. She is going to drop a lot of hints, so act upon them. If you get her something she loves, it will show that you do pay attention to what she says, and she will love you as a result!

Top 10 romantic things to say to your girlfriend

Girls absolutely love a true romantic, however, from time to time it can be tough to come up with the words that are going to blow her away. In this list I have compiled some of my favorite romantic lines that you can use to ‘woo’ your girl. Of course, tailor them to your girl and the length of the relationship, no sense saying ‘I love you’ to a girl after one date is it? So without further ado, let’s jump right on in there!

I Love You

This is perhaps one of the powerful lines in existence when it comes to romance. However, you do need to be very sure that you mean those words. Your girlfriend will see right through them if you aren’t serious. The first time you say these words is going to be something very special.

You Are Beautiful

This is another one of those favourites. A girl absolutely loves being told she is beautiful, even if she doesn’t let onto the fact. Again, make sure you mean it here (although who doesn’t think their girlfriend is beautiful?). Don’t use words such as ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’. I find that the word beautiful is so much more effective.

I Miss You

From time to time you are going to be apart from your girlfriend. Therefore the words ‘I Miss You’ are going to be great. It lets her know that you are thinking about her, and it will make her all giddy inside!

You Make me Happy

Your girlfriend hopefully makes you happy. Let her know that from time to time. Slot this into conversation and she will love you a lot! It lets her know that she is appreciated.

You Complete Me

This is sort of similar to the ‘You Make me Happy’ Line. Let a girl know that you wouldn’t be half the man you are if she wasn’t by your side. Again, this is another one of those lines which will make a girl go crazy for you. It will show that she is appreciated, and more importantly, you are in this for the long term.

Romantic stuff to do with your girlfriend

Are you a guy who isn’t the most romantic at heart? Then you absolutely need this article. It is absolutely packed to the brim with ideas for romantic things to do with your girlfriend. Sure, it isn’t a ‘definitive’ guide, but it is the closest that you are going to get!

Of course, let’s go with the ‘age old’ dinner and a movie. This is the sort of thing that has been going since ancient times, well, not the movie part, but dates with dinner and entertainment have! This is the perfect date, just take her to her favourite restaurant and see a romantic comedy of some description. Honestly, you can’t go far wrong with this type of date. Make sure you take her to a movie she wants to see though, not too many girls go crazy by loud explosions and superheroes….unless Colin Farrell is involved at least. Alternatively, you could cook her a fine meal at home and then watch a movie that you have rented, just as romantic, but so much cheaper!

Can’t afford an expensive dinner? No worries. Take her to the local park after setting up a lovely picnic for her. Find a quiet location and look at the view. This is an almost perfect date, it is just so romantic. You could even throw in a game of Frisbee if you want the ultimate cliché of a date.

If Christmas is closing in then ice rinks will start appearing all over the country. Nothing says ‘romance’ like ice skating. Make sure you know how to though! Nothing screams ‘dead romance’ more than you constantly falling over (trust me on this one!). Although if she doesn’t know how, it is sort of cute as you can hold onto her!

You don’t even have to go out and spend money in order to be romantic. Why not stay at home and bond over a couple of board games or if you are truly in the 21st Century, a couple of video games? Bonding in this way is absolutely perfect. The most romantic thing to do here is to let her win! Girls that lose to their boyfriends won’t find it romantic at all.

Finally, the best romantic stuff to do with your girlfriend is something that she likes. If she loves museums then she will find that it is romantic to take her there (it shows you care). If you are lucky enough to have a girl that enjoys sports then take her to see her favourite team play. As long as you give her what you know she loves, and then you will be loved forever! Although if you do opt to take her shopping, don’t spend too much!

This is just a small smattering of some of the best romantic stuff to do with your girlfriend. Choose just a sample of these ideas (or all of them!) and spread out over a couple of weeks. Your girlfriend will truly believe that you are a romantic at heart, and that’s going to be great right?