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[dropcap_red]G[/dropcap_red]irls in Boston are regarded as some of the friendliest and sexiest females in all of the United States. Therefore, if you are looking for Girls in Boston, you will need to know exactly what to do in order to stand the best chance of finding the lady of your dreams. That is what this article is about, I am going to teach you how to talk to the ladies, and a little bit about what you can do to prepare to go looking for girls!

Firstly, how do you talk to girls in Boston? This seems to be a stumbling point for many guys in the city. It seems that confidence issues are rife in us. As a guy, you need to be aware that if you don’t talk to girls, then you aren’t going to get a date. It really is as simple as that. Sometimes you will just need to ‘bite the bullet’ and get talking to girls. The worst that they can say is no, and at that point you can just move onto somebody else. Every guy gets rejected at some point, and it shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment. Here are some of dos and don’ts of meeting girls in the city:

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  • DON’T use Cheesy Chat Up Lines. They aren’t going to work at all, and the prettiest girls will have heard of most of them, and thus they will just shrug you off as another random person.
  • DO make yourself stand out. This means acting yourself. Girls in Boston will absolutely ‘dig’ this. Many people don’t act like they normally would, and thus can come across as boring. This is certainly not something that you will wish to convey right?
  • DO have a list of questions that you will use when picking up girls. I don’t mean whip out a piece of paper and read from it, just mentally prepare. This means that you are unlikely to get stuck for conversation choices, and therefore make everything flow that much more smoothly. Always ensure your questions are open ended, that way you will be able to get much more mileage out of your conversations.
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    You may be shot down a couple of times when on the ‘prowl’, although don’t worry about this too much. People always get shot down and it certainly should not be a knock on your confidence. Instead you should be proud of yourself that you have at least talked to a girl.

    The next stage is ‘preparing’ yourself to hit on girls. These are a couple of my favorite tips for finding girls in Boston:

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  • Dress Smartly. Girls love a ‘fashion conscious’ guy. So dress well, and the ladies will flock to you.
  • Don’t go out too late. Unlike most other places in the United States, the bars and clubs in Boston don’t stay open much past 2am, even at weekends. Ideally you will want to head out early in the night, that way you get yourself a pick of the women.
  • Go to somewhere which you can feel comfortable. It makes no sense going to a place that isn’t your ‘scene’ as the girls you find won’t share the same interests as you.
  • [/list]

    These are just a few tips for finding girls in Boston. Once you get out there, a lot of it should fall into place, it will almost become second nature. Good Luck!


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    Dating in Boston

    Dating in Boston is incredibly easy. It is no coincidence that the city has been regularly been voted as one of the top places for singles looking for love in the whole of the United States. In this article I am going to teach you some of the basics of dating in Boston, right from finding the right girls, all the way through to your date. I can’t possibly cover everything, but it certainly is a good start for any further research you may wish to carry out!

    First and foremost, you need to know where to pick up girls in Boston! Honestly, you really do have your pick of a plethora of places. You have the University Area, which of course contains bars packed full of young, single women. Or you can head to some of the many other bars and clubs in downtown Boston. Many of the girls in Boston are surprisingly outgoing, so don’t be afraid to chat to them! The worst response you can get is a no.

    If partying isn’t your style, then you can also meet girls (which share common interests) at sports games, coffee bars, adult education classes, parks, or simply walking around! Once again, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Put those confidence issues behind you, or you won’t find anybody.

    So you have found the perfect girl? That’s brilliant! Now you need to know where to take them on a date. Hopefully by now you would have found out some of their interests, and thus will have a perfect idea of where to take them. This is my ‘go to’ list for dating in Boston:

    • Sports! We absolutely love sports here, and thus there are plenty of venues to head to in order to take in a game. Of course, you do need to know that the girl loves sports, otherwise the date won’t go too smoothly!
    • Don’t forget to take your date on a romantic meal either! There are plenty of options here for you. Make a note of the type of food that they love, or just choose a restaurant that has a bit of everything. Don’t forget to foot the bill for them either, can’t get much more romantic than that!
    • Why not have a relaxed afternoon? There are plenty of quieter places to head. Why not have a picnic in the Public Garden before heading on the world famous Swan Boats? Nothing is more romantic than this!
    • You could also go to a concert or show. There are plenty of venues throughout the city which are perfect for dating in Boston. Although not ideal for a first date, you won’t be getting too much talking in.

    Just follow some of these tips, or use it as a starter guide and Dating in Boston should be a breeze. If you can’t find a date, or simply find it difficult heading up to girls on the street, then you can always try dating websites or similar, there are plenty of girls to choose on these websites.

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    How to talk to girls in Boston

    [dropcap_red]O[/dropcap_red]ne of the biggest problems that men have in the whole ‘dating’ game is learning how to talk to girls. If you can learn how to talk to girls properly, and keep the conversation flowing, then you will find that everything is incredibly easy. No matter who you are, whether you are short and fat, tall and slim, or anything in between, you will be picking up more telephone numbers than you can shake a stick at.

    One of the biggest problems that men have with talking to women is confidence issues. They simply believe that women aren’t going to speak to them, and therefore they don’t bother trying. This isn’t the case. I am sure that plenty of women out there are willing to speak to you, and perhaps even meet up again, you just have to take the plunge. Honestly, the worst thing that can happen is that they say no, and in a city as large as Boston, it is highly unlikely that you are going to see them again.

    The majority of people that you are going to meet will be in locations where there is something to discuss. For example, at a music event or perhaps during a class you take. This is brilliant, because you already have common ground in which you can bond over. This is perhaps one of the most vital parts in keeping a conversation going.

    When talking to girls ALWAYS use ‘open-ended’ questions. You don’t want to ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. You cannot expand on this, and you simply cannot keep the conversation flowing. Some of the best guys in the world at ‘chatting up’ girls have a list of questions they want to ask as conversation starters (tailor to the situation) and perhaps a couple of deeper questions. Never discuss politics or religion. At least not when you are starting to talk to a girl you don’t know anyway. These are going to set you on the fast course to ‘ruin’.

    Finally, always show interest in what the girl is saying. Genuine interest, let her talk and don’t talk over the top of her. Every so often you may also want to throw in a couple of compliments, but don’t overdo it. Eye contact is also a must!

    One thing you do need to remember is to not use ‘cheesy chat up lines’ when talking to girls. They are going to hear these all day long, and to them you will be just another random guy. Instead, you want to do something that makes you stand above all the other guys, do something that will make them listen. All the girls want is you to act like yourself. They don’t want a fake guy. Trust me, you are interesting, so get talking, there is a good chance they are going to listen. If they don’t, then move onto the next girl, no big loss here. It just means she wasn’t right for you.

    I really do hope some of the tips above are going to help you out, although it is no use simply thinking about them. Instead you need to go and start talking to women, put these tips into practice, and you are almost guaranteed to meet a couple of girls who are willing to talk to you.

    How to meet girls in Boston

    [dropcap_red]F[/dropcap_red]or some reason, the meeting girls part is probably one of the most difficult parts of the relationship for most people. It really shouldn’t be, it’s what should come after. If you follow the tips that I am going to give you below about how to meet girls in Boston, then you will find that it doesn’t need to be too difficult. In fact, it is incredibly easy.

    Of course, as a Boston resident you are going to be incredibly hip. No doubt you will know all of the best bars and clubs to go to in order to hook up with the hottest ladies. Whilst many people don’t expect a long term relationship from a bar hook up, you may get lucky. It seems that people’s confidence is at an all-time high when they are in these places, and they are most likely to try out the cheesiest lines. The problem you have here though is that people aren’t really looking into a long term relationship, and you shouldn’t really expect one. This is because you are not going to really have anything in common (unless you get incredibly lucky that is!). Many of the girls may also feign interest as they are after a cheap night out, buy them drinks and they have what they want, they won’t be going home with you at the end of the night. However, Boston Bars and Clubs are great for a confidence boost to prove to yourself that you know how to ‘flirt’, this is probably one of the first stages in which you are going to have to get over. You may find that you have better success meeting girls if you go to a bar that is to ‘your tastes’. There is no use going to a bar in Boston which caters for the dance crowd such as An Tua Nua if you are more into cocktails and ‘upper class’ bars, where ‘Eastern Standard’ should suit your needs well.

    Walking through the city on a bright and beautiful day will have a lot of people standing around watching a plethora of street performers, or perhaps there will be a lovely young lady sitting alone in a coffee shop. Why not strike up a conversation with them? This is probably one of the first hurdles that you need to jump over in order to secure that girl of your dreams, get talking to them in these situations and you never know what might happen! You may think it is a little odd to randomly start chatting like this, but that is how a great deal of relationships start. The worst that can happen is she ignores you, but who cares? Boston is a massive place, you most likely won’t see her again.

    One of the best ways in which you can hook up with people is taking a class of some description. This is great because instantly you and the female will have a common interest that you can bond over. They will be more than happy to start talking about it, and ask them out for a coffee some time! There are plenty of classes being held all over Boston, so check out a list and find what one is going to be best for you.

    Hopefully this has been of some use to you! Now go forth and meet girls. Honestly, no matter how ‘unconfident’ you are, there is a girl out there for you. Strike up as many conversations as possible, and I am sure you will find the ‘girl of your dreams’

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    Where to meet girls in Boston

    Joshua Tree Allston, Boston, MA
    Girls in Joshua Tree

    Meeting Girls in Boston isn’t actually that hard, as long as you know where to go. Whilst any of these places are going to be great for finding girls, ideally you would want to go to a place which fits your interests perfectly, if you are looking for a slightly longer term relationship that is. The reason for this is that you will be sharing a common interest, and thus have a better chance of ‘hitting it off’.

    Surprisingly, one of the best places in which you can hook for a woman in Boston is at a Red Sox game. You will be surprised at how many single women are there looking to catch a game. Sure, many won’t be looking for love, but you will find it incredibly easy to strike up a conversation with them! After all, you have already established a common ground.

    Perhaps one of the top places to meet women, and of course forge long lasting relationships, is at one of the many classes that are being held throughout the city. Whether you are kickboxing, or just taking adult education classes in mathematics, you are sure to find at least a few women that share the same interest as you. Once again, this makes it incredibly simple to strike up a conversation.

    Now, if you are not too scared of children, well, single mothers in fact, then just head to the zoo. There are a lot of people around here, whilst many of them will not have come looking for love, you will find that there are plenty of suitors for you. So take your pick and strike up a conversation!

    One of my all-time favorite places to meet girls in Boston is one of the many parks around the city. My favorite by far though is the Public Garden. So many beautiful ladies are hanging around this area, and it honestly won’t take too much searching to find one that is willing to chat with you, and perhaps grab a coffee later on!

    If you are more of the ‘party type’ then you need to head to ‘The Joshua Tree’. The unique thing about this place is that it is frequented by people of all ages, this means that you have a very high chance of finding somebody that is perfect for you, unlike other bars which tend to cater to one certain ‘segment’ of people. If you are not into the ‘party scene’ then you can always head to a coffee shop instead and strike up a conversation there! With no alcohol clouding your judgement, you also stand a much better chance of success.

    There are plenty of ‘live venues’ throughout the city, although the House of Blues is one of the best. I have picked up plenty of women at these venues, and once again, you have common ground because you are into the same music that they like.

    These are just a few of the places in which people have found girls in Boston. Truth be told, you can find girls almost anywhere you look in this fantastic city, the girl of your dreams could be right around the corner!

    Girls In Boston Bars – Photo Gallery

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

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    Where to Pick Up Girls in Boston

    Girls at nightclubs are normally at higher energy levels than those on the streets. If you would like to find out where to pick up girls at Boston nightclubs, take the level of your energy up a notch and always have fun. Girls at Bars tend to respond just fine to teasing.

    girls in boston nightclubs

    The following are some of the top places you can pick up girls in Boston

    UPDATED *** Jun 2015 ***

    Lolita It is commonly said that good pickup bars require two things; the first is a classy atmosphere and the second is a very strong drink. At Lolita, you get all the two and in addition, most single ladies like this bar because it servers a wide variety of tequila that always seem to attract outgoing guys. Therefore if you want to catch a bird, you might wish to drop At Lolita.

    Sunset Cantina, located near Boston University is the kind of place you will have an opportunity to select from a wide variety of Boston University ladies. If you are good at chatting, you can pick up as many ladies as you want. Additionally, presences of night parties give you a chance to party the whole night and on a budget. Apart from Sunset Cantina, there are also good bars around Boston University for picking up girls.

    If Towne stove is not a pick up bar for you then you must be having something stuck in your teeth. This place has had a history of attracting many people of all genders. Simply put, this place attracts many people and amongst them are the dazzling girls that one can make an apple of his eyes!

    Eastern standard is known to be a hub of single ladies especially during the weekends, although it’s normally frequented by the educated and the “miss independent” types.

    Liberty hotel club is a hive of beautiful ladies. You go there and you won’t miss to leave with a she partner. A lot of bonding is known to happen at liberty hotel club.

    Post 390 is famous but it’s not for the “common men”. It’s a classy zone where mature ladies go to stalk for a new for a new catch or even rekindle an old flame. Post 390 fits any type of clothing be it casual or official. They offer an ample environment that evokes a conversation. This place is memorable for many mature women looking for men.

    Tia’s – It’s an Atlantic avenue café and bar whose waterfront view is breathtaking no matter where one sits. It offers a plenty and lovely site for single ladies. In comparison with other avenues, Tia’s boasts of being the most liked “pick up” joint for attracting single ladies. T attracts single ladies more than other bars and cafes near it. It has established itself as a favorite spot to both visitors and locals.

    Club café – This has been a regular institution to Boston’s LGBT community and has served its people for more than 30 years. This café shows forth pride in every possible definable way. Some of the things that make it a hub for “pick up” joint include DJ sets, nighttime cabaret entertainment, and weekend dance party. During these events, ladies of all beauty attend to enjoy and socialize; this presents a perfect environment for men to pick up whoever pleases their eyes.

    Ned Devine’s has accommodations that are spacious for any kind of nightlife activities. It boasts of being the best in attracting young singles that are in their twenty-something. Neds devines operates in triplicate as a live music hall, a lounge and an Irish pub. This marvelous spot is an impeccable destination for natives and tourist. The platform created by this environment insights conversation to spring up between the bites of their delicious foods or seeps of beers. Live entertainments from Improve Asylum are usually held every Saturday night particularly for single ladies; this makes it a top site for picking up some girls.

    Tips For Meeting Women in Boston

    Whether you believe it or not, you are capable of meeting a girl in Boston. The majority of people don’t believe they can, simply because they do not know how to go out there and meet women. This article is for those people, follow just a few of these tips for meeting women in Boston and you will be surprised at your new found confidence.

    One of the first things I want to tell you is to never be afraid to approach a woman. This is how your confidence is going to be shattered. Many people seem to convince themselves that they are going to get an ‘auto rejection’ which isn’t the case. You need to just bite the bullet and approach them, honestly, the worst answer you can get is a no. Surprisingly though, you will probably end up getting a yes more often than not. Also, it is never too late to actually kick your confidence issues, even though you may have been harbouring them since you were back in school.

    So where can you meet these mythical women? Well it isn’t too difficult. Honestly, if you are looking to meet women for a slightly longer term relationship then do steer clear of the bars in Boston. In my opinion, the majority of relationships are forged on common interests and you will have to get very lucky to find a woman in the bar that ‘clicks’ with you like that. It also isn’t great if you aren’t a ‘confident’ guy. Seriously, approaching women in bars is the worst and does take a special kind of talent. Nonetheless, if you want to meet girls this way then offer to buy them a drink! Or simply just say hello. Steer clear of cheesy chat up lines, they have heard them all!

    If you really want to get into a long term relationship in Boston then sign up for ‘classes’ or any other activities which may interest you. Meeting women in this way is a complete breeze, this is because you share a common interest with them, and thus you will have something to talk to them about. Perhaps some of the strongest relationships in the world are formed by ‘bonding’ like this.

    Finally, you could try a number of dating websites based in the Boston Area. Although remember to talk to the people first at length to ensure that you do share a common ground, as obviously it is hard to ‘gauge’ someone just from their online profile. For many people that lack confidence issues, this seems to be one of the number one ways for them to meet women nowadays as it involves absolutely no approaching them.

    Hopefully some of these tips are going to be a bit of help for you. I won’t lie, you probably will shot down a couple of times, but that is all ‘part and parcel’ of the dating game. Don’t be concerned about the answers that you are getting, instead, be proud of yourself that you have actually learned to approach women.

    Things to do in Boston with your girlfriend

    Boston isn’t generally associated with being a place filled with ‘romantic ventures’. However, if you look hard enough there are plenty of things that you can do in Boston with your girlfriend that is going to have her ‘tingling’ with feelings of love for you. Let’s take a little look at just a few of them (there are plenty more, but these are my highlights!)

    Perhaps my favorite is heading onto the ‘Spirit of Boston’ and taking a cruise around the harbor. This is probably one of the most romantic things to do in Boston, especially if you pick a cruise during Sunset. You are literally going to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful sights in Boston. The two hour cruise includes a beautiful buffet dinner, cash bars and of course, a DJ to dance the night away with your lover. This leaves from the Commonwealth Pier in the Seaport District.

    A cheap way to entertain your girlfriend (and yet still romantic!) is to head to the famous Swan Boats in Public Garden. You are once again surrounded by ‘lush’ surroundings, and this is a great time in which you can spend ‘alone’ time with your girlfriend. Plenty of people have popped the question on these swan boats. Perhaps this is something to consider here?

    If you are your lover are into live music, then there are plenty of places to enjoy that throughout Boston. One of the most popular by far is the ‘House of Blues’. They have a number of different acts from many different genres playing, so don’t forget to look at the ‘bill’ a little bit in advance to ensure that you are both going to like what is on.

    Boston Common is one of the most popular spots in the city. Whilst it may not be the most ‘extravagant’ date in the world, your girlfriend will absolutely love a picnic here. I have honestly had some of my best dates in Boston right on this common, one of the best places to sit is by Frog Pond, although anywhere is good.

    How about making your girlfriend feel like a true Cinderella and take her on a horse drawn carriage ride? There are numerous ‘tours’ available, varying in length from 15 to 60 minutes. All of the carriages leave from Faneuil Hall, and you will be touring some of the most popular areas in Downtown Boston. It really is incredibly romantic late at night when the city is lit up.

    Of course, you could always just walk through the beautiful city of Boston, hand in hand and look at the many sights. This is just as romantic, all your girlfriend will care about is that she is there with you.

    This is just a small highlight of some of the fantastic things that you can do with your girlfriend in Boston. Remember, this list isn’t going to be ideal for everybody. In order to truly impress your girlfriend, why not choose something that she likes, and you know she likes? This will show that you listen, and of course, be a truly romantic time for the two of you.