Pick Up Bars and Clubs in Miami

Best Pick up bars & clubs in Miami

Miami is home to some of the most amazing and sexy pick up bars anywhere in the world and those who come here to party, come with everything they have. The music is loud, the crowd is wild and if you can’t find land a hook up here, chances are you can’t find one anywhere. Home to everything that is skimpy, sophisticated and sultry, pick up bars and clubs is just what Miami does with success year after year. If you’re in the area, check out these hot spots.

Buck 15 437 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139.

This is one of the best pick up bars in Miami if you are young and looking for a good time because the crowd is laid back and friendly and the drinks are cheaper than at most other places locally. It is a typical watering hole, where great d.j’s can be found and hosts a wide range of ages from 21 to late 40’s. The best nights of the week are Fridays and Saturdays especially if you want to save some cash as they offer 2 for 1 drinks up until midnight.

Club Mansion 1235 Washington Dr Miami, FL 33133.

Club Mansion is hailed as one of the hottest and happening pick up bars in Miami and rumor has it that on any given night you can witness a host of celebrities checking out this scene as well. The club is definitely upscale and has a strict code (no backwards hats, jeans or ripped shirts) but if you are looking to party in style, this is where you want to be. Drinks are a little pricey but they do run specials on Thursday and Saturday nights. No doubt that those looking to score a cougar will find a likely match here.

Zeke’s 625 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139.

This may be more of a starter pick up bar for most, but the drinks are dirt cheap and the atmosphere is casual. Most of the locals love this hometown bar for its girl next door feel and decent lighting. The crowd tends to be younger and in the hipster genre, but if you’re looking for a no frills place to meet someone, it is a recommended place to start or even finish your evening.

LIV at the Fountainebleau Hotel 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140.

Looking for the best pick up clubs in Miami? If you want to be seen and see others who want to be seen, this is the place to be on any night of the week. It has won numerous awards for Best Night Club many times over the years and those who party here rarely leave solo. Celebrities come here often so if you are a chaser, this is one spot you want to try to get into but be warned-getting in can be tough so get there early, wear your best suits and have some cash flow too (drinks are pricey and tipping is expected). Of all the pickup bars in Miami, this is the one you want to be at to score gorgeous vixens and debonair men.

Purdy Lounge 1811 Purdy Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139.

This bar is a great choice for those who want no bull, hassle and are just looking for an all around good time with no frills. It’s unlikely you will run into any stars here, but the staff is of the friendliest in Miami and so are the patrons. Happy Hour is from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every night and you can find 2 for 1 drinks galore. The dressing is casual but that doesn’t mean the crowd is. Here you will find all sorts including eclectic and posh and most show up early when the curtains are lifted so patrons can enjoy the spectacular sunset view from their seats. It is a smoking bar though, so if you aren’t into that, this may not be the place to be. Otherwise, it is certifiably one of the best pickup bars in Miami.

SkyBar 901 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Swanky meets eclectic meets sophistication is what you will find at this uber popular pickup bar in the nest part of Miami. The SkyBar is hip, happening and one club you don’t want to miss especially if you are single. The walls are lined with gorgeous people all waiting for you to walk up and start conversing and the staff is stellar. One of this best pickup clubs attributes is their infamous Red Room which is intimate as well as the pool area where lounge seats are available and the wait staff are eager to please. Relax and dip your toes next to the hottie of your choice and let the music take you away. Home to the best d.j.’s, it is also likely that you will see a celebrity or two.

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Where to pick up girls in Miami

Best Pick up bars & clubs in Miami

Miami, a city of sun, sea and sand, this of course makes it a perfect place to pick up women. However, with a plethora of places to go to pick up women, where do you head first? I have cobbled together a collection of some of the best places to start! Let’s take a little peak shall we?

Of course, you are in Miami. So where is going to be the best place during the day to find luscious ladies? It’s going to be the beach of course. Surprisingly, everybody around here is very approachable, and if you do ‘hook up’, there are plenty of places nearby where you can take them, or you could sit and talk to them on the beach, it’s going to be your choice!

There is a lovely place in Lincoln Road known as Rio Station. You will be surprised at how cheap the beers are in here. You aren’t going to pick up the best of women here as to be honest, the bar is a little bit of a ‘dive’, but it is a good start and from time to time you do get some lovely lasses wander through.

Cameo, oh boy this is an expensive bar and you do need to dress to impress. It is a beautiful bar and it has the ladies to go with it! Why not take a wander through and see what is happening? Prepare for big waits though, and to spend the whole evening here. It is especially good on your birthday as you get complimentary front of queue entry, just be ready to give proof!

Nikki Beach is the perfect place to take a lady if you pick her up on the beach, or if you want to find somewhere with a bit more of a relaxed feel. This is the best place to pick up some stunners from the beach. There is no real dress code either, although if you are going to pick up women you will want to put a bit of effort into what you wear.

Ah, Purdy Lounge, the best place to head between five and seven. It offers two for one drinks, which really draws in the women (and saves you some money!). The atmosphere is electric and you can wear whatever you like. Some of the most stunning ladies in Miami head here as it is so relaxed and casual. This is THE place to be.

If you want to mingle with celebrities, then either head to Liv or Club Mansion. Some of the most famous people in the world have partied here, so you know they are going to be good. Of course, you do need the dress sense to match!

Of course, being Miami, everywhere you go is going to be packed full of women. Don’t head out too early though, women here are ‘night owls’ and most of the fun is going to come later in the night! Just pick a bar and hang around, I am sure you will have a bit of success that night, as long as you don’t forget to exert yourself.

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